Bare Minerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation

This week I ventured into unknown territory - the world of mineral make up. I've never previously shown any interest in this cosmetic arena, believing it wasn't suited to my coverage needs or skin tone. I've been using bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation by Bare Escentuals with surprising results. More on my experience and findings later.

I just want to briefly give you the heads up on a new product which is launching today.

Matte SPF15 Foundation is the new mineral foundation from Bare Escentuals which claims a breakthrough formula designed to minimise pores, absorb excess shine without drying skin whilst keeping your skin looking flawless and matte all day. 

It's new  Click, Lock, Go™ sifter also promises to make spillages a thing of the past too, if you're familiar with Bare Escentuals original packaging you'll know that this is a big improvement. It's also available in 15 shades so that every skin tone and colour can experience the benefits of bareMinerals on their skin.

Sounds good? Well it's launching on QVC today, priced £19.50 - tune in at 8am, 11am, 2pm or 5pm (BST) to see it in action. 

Can't manage that? Then check out Lipglossiping's thoughts on it.

Bare Escentuals Matte SPF15 Foundation will be available from August exclusively to Selfridges before becoming available to other counters and concessions nationwide in September.

On a side note ...

Those of you familiar with QVC will be aware of their TSV (Today's Special Value) deals and today's may be of interest to mineral make up lovers. For one day only on QVC UK you can buy the following set for £36.84 (RRP £44.50)

  • 1 x Foundation SPF15 in a choice of Fairly Light, Light, Medium, Medium Beige Medium Tan, Tan, Medium Dark or Golden Dark (2g)
  • 1 x Blush in So Fab - berry (0.85g)
  • 1 x Eye colour in Bordeaux - dark purple (0.57g)
  • 1 x Eye colour in Giggle - mauve (0.57g)
  • 1 x Flawless Definition Mascara - black (10ml)
  • 1 x Buxom Lipgloss in Sugar - rose/beige (4.45ml)
  • 1 x Full Flawless Face Brush
  • Gift box
Find it on QVC here - there's even a video of it being sold on air for you to view too.

I'm really interested in finding out which of you use mineral make up, and if you prefer it over liquid, cream or cream to powder foundations. This is all new to me but I've been pleasantly surprised so far. So please, any tips, application advice, etc which you want to pass on, would be much appreciated.

Have you tried Bare Escentuals before?

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Louise said...

My mum ordered me the matte foundation today - she got sent an easy pay code I didn't :( I love mineral foundation I was super sceptical at first but its so quick and easy to use. I especially like it at this time of year when liquid foundation seems a bit heavy - I can't wait to try the matte one my skin is still super prone to oiliness

May said...

I use Bare Minerals Mineral Foundation and I love it! I usually need something with a little more coverage though (although I have to admit the Bare Minerals coverage is really good and very natural looking!) so I usually brush some on my face before my liquid foundation and I've found really helps to keep my skin clear and makes my makeup last longer, I think it stops my face/makeup getting oily during the day!
Really keep meaning to do a blog post about this product! xxx

LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central said...

I use mostly mineral makeup - I vastly prefer it to liquid. (I do use liquid eyeliners, and cream shadow bases, though.) Liquid foundations just always felt too heavy on my skin. I felt like my face was submerged under a layer of axle grease. Cream foundations felt a bit the same, and I had a harder time applying it evenly / blending cream foundations than I did with liquid or loose-powder mineral makeup. Some pressed powder came close to being what I wanted, but I really didn't like that they essentially had a lifespan (due to some of the ingredients.) prepared to almost start at the beginning, in terms of learning application. You may have to try several different things to get the look, feel, and coverage you want.

And know that Bare Minerals is just your first step into a larger world...have fun!

TheGirlCantHelpIT said...

I love mineral foundation. The matte is awesome and in my opinion looks better than the original on darker skin tones. I think it looks best when used with the Prime Time Face Primer and finished with the Tinted Mineral Veil. I apply my foundation using the Full Flawless Foundation brush.

Side Note: I worked for their corp office for like 4 years and think they ROCK!

Beth said...

I've used a few different mineral foundations and really like them. Smashbox Halo is nice, but it doesn't give a lot of coverage.

My favourite one is Lilylolo mineral foundation. Its a lovely consistency, lasts ages and its buildable so you can get the level of coverage you need. You can also buy little sample pots for a couple of quid so you can see which shades is right for you.

I wouldn't say that I prefer mineral over liquid or vice versa, I use them for different things. Mineral foundation is great during the day for work or whatever as I find it gives a slightly more natural finish, but if I'm going out of an evening I use liquid.

I sometimes wear the Smashbox one over tinted moisturiser if I feel that I need a bit more coverage and it works really well.

As for application tips - buff like a mofo! If its buffed in properly it looks beautiful on the skin and does tend to stay put for longer.

smarts said...

I love it. Ive only used this! I look great in pictures and always get compliments! I just re-stocked on the original formula. Whats the difference between the Original and the Matte? I had asked for the Matte and I was told, the matte version wasnt available in deepest deep. Will this still be the case when its released in August?

The Postcolonial Rabbit said...

I wanted to comment on this earlier but couldn't! I used to love mineral foundations (Lily Lolo and MAC MSF) because they were so simple to use and I don't need much coverage, but after some pictures came out of my face looking SUPER-SHINY (and I have very dry skin) I went off them. Am very intrigued by this matte finish one, and whether it looks ok in flash photography on darker skins!


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