Beauty Bloggers Backstage - Seven Questions with Kristie of naturalNchicmakeup

Oooh welcome to my first Beauty Bloggers Backstage interview, which this week focuses on the lovely Kristie, fellow blogger and writer of naturalNchicmakeup, she's also a keen photographer and freelance make up artist too.

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1. How long have you been blogging for?
I started blogging about 12 years ago starting with LiveJournal and Xanga, mostly writing about photography, fashion, and daily life musings up until recently. Like most ladies, I love makeup/skincare and am always looking for the next HG product for my sensitive skin.  I know I've always turned to beauty blogs for honest and in depth reviews/swatches of products before purchasing, so naturalNchicmakeup was started in hopes of doing the same for others.

2. I noticed you're into photography, how did that hobby start and which camera do you use?
Growing up, I've had an interest in colors/paintings/photos.  My family loves to take photos of anything and everything so there is always a camera in the house.  I remember we had disposal cameras, the old types where you had to wind up after each shot, film cameras, and now the oh so easy point and shoot.  I currently use both a DSLR Canon40D and Canon SD800 for the blog/travel.  Funny thing is  you'll never find any makeup in my purse but always a camera, ready to shoot at any moment.

3. What are your fave TV shows?
I'm addicted to all 3 of the CSI shows (NY, LV, and Miami) and Fringe for mindless entertainment. I also love Project Runaway and HG Design Star.  I find these shows inspiring and am amazed at all the beautiful pieces created under such high pressure.  

4. You're a freelance make up artist, have you had any nightmare clients?
Luckily, I have never met a nightmare client but definitely opinionated ones.  I actually appreciate clients who know exactly what they want because I can easily help achieve the result they're looking for.  Like any service, it's important to let your SA/MA know the style, colors, and type of look you want.  This way, you can walk away happy with the outcome instead of hating it. If you're too shy to do so, bring in a sample picture or magazine cut outs. 

5. Name three products you WON'T be repurchasing.
I have tried a lot of products based on recommendations or purely hype but the top 3 I would never purchase again are Maybelline Great Lash, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Copper Diamond, and Cetaphil Face Cleanser.

6. Do you ever leave the house with no make up on?
Yes, all the time! 3 out of 7 days, I would rush out of the house without any make up because of early morning meetings.  No matter what happens on the weekend, I make time to put on make up and test them out for reviews.  

7. What's your favourite beauty brand and why?
I'm very much a lover of the natural yet chic type of look, thus the name naturalNchicmakeup. Of all the beauty brands, I find Chanel and Burberry best fit this description from packaging to feel and color of their products. I believe you can achieve an understated yet elegant and timeless look from both lines. 

Chanel is great for lipsticks/blushes, while Burberry excels in eyeshadows/lipsticks. Although pricing is higher compared to other brands, the products are of high quality that's worth every penny. I personally think it's better to spend $42USD on one great blush rather than 3-5 blushes that lack quality for the same price.  

Wanna read what I had to say? Then check out what Kristie asked me here

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I saw you on Kristie’s blog and I love the interview, now I’m a new follower of yours! :D


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