Bella Pierre shimmer powders + swatches

Keep an eye out for Bella Pierre Cosmetics which offers 100% mineral make up. Their range of products include mineral foundations, blush, concealers and bronzers as well as professional make up brushes too which are made from a blend of goat and sable hair which are designed specifically for the application of mineral make up.

I've been playing with a couple of their best selling shimmer powders for a few months now and having noticed they've secured a number of UK stockists recently, thought it was time to give them a mention (as my half written review has been sat in my drafts folder forever!). Available in over 50 colours, they're extremely versatile and you can even mix them with Bella Pierre clear nail varnish and lipgloss to create your own new shades of polish and lip colours.

The shimmer powders contain 100% mineral pigments, which means they don't contain any dyes, fillers, additives or  preservatives.

Take a look at shades Jadoo (a deep metallic burgundy) and Celebration (bright bronzy metallic gold).

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The shimmer powders come with a plastic sifter, which has the potential to become a little messy after a while. Store upright - for obvious reasons!

I adore Celebration, it looks amazing against my skin tone and my camera doesn't do it justice at all. Jadoo will once again be paired with muted nudes as soon as autumn comes round. The intensity of the pigment is amazing, but when used wet, they become even more dramatic in colour. The quality gets a thumbs up from me.

Again, the density of the pigment is impressive and I find that both last well and don't crease on my eyelids at all when used with a primer. Bella Pierre claim their shimmer powders are crease proof anyway, but I've not worn them alone to test that claim out.

Click to enlarge - I used my camera flash to try and capture just how bright the gold shimmer powder is - and failed! Try tilting your laptop/PC screens to get an alternative view.

Bella Pierre will be officially launching in House of Fraser, Oxford Street this Sunday so if you're in the area, pop in and swatch for yourself, checking out their other products as you do.

How much do they cost? £12.99 each (cheaper at Beauty Bay - £8.95)
Where can I buy them? Bella Pierre online House of Fraser (as of Sunday 11th July 2010), QVC (selected products available), Beauty Bay

2 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Rhamnousia said...

You know how some cosmetics brands have concessions in the middle of shopping centres and in tube stations? There's that company that do mud masks and have a HORRIBLE approach to customers and then there was this company.

I remember seeing their stall in The Chimes in Uxbridge but I never bought anything. The gold looks pretty handsome, I may go swatching!

VexintheCity said...

@Rhamnousia - LOL @the mud mask company, I haven't a clue who they are! Ahhh you saw them before they secured all these stockist contracts. I first heard of them at the start of the year. Celebration is amazing! A beautiful colour for deeper skin tones.


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