Boots Christmas Preview 2010

As well Fearne Cotton's make up range, Boots annual Christmas event which took place on Thursday, displayed a number of other gift ranges which will be available this Christmas. 

It seems cashing in on TV shows success and tying it in with beauty, is something we may be seeing more of. First Gok Wan released his 'Gok Gorgeous' range last Christmas and this year sees Lisa Armstrong, head of hair and make up on popular BBC show Strictly Come Dancing releasing a dance-themed cosmetics range in time for Crimbo!

Also available this Christmas at Boots ...

 The Sanctuary

Ruby & Millie


No 7 have developed some pretty sets great for gifts and stocking fillers...

Sex and the City gift sets and eye shadow/lipgloss palettes ...

RapidLash LE Cracker


I didn't spot anything out of the ordinary that I don't see every Christmas at Boots, but it was nice to know in advance what was coming in-store!

Totally unrelated to beauty, but this caught my eye in the toy section. Erm,when did Barbie get a Blackberry?!! LOL

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

legseleven7 said...

Ahhhh yes every christmas Boots' shelves are full to bursting with overpriced junk aren't they?

VexintheCity said...

@Legseleven7 - LOL

Louise said...

oo more front cover :) I quite like the look of some of the No7 things too especially the floral print - I've had some really nice stuff from Boots at Christmas x

VexintheCity said...

@Louise - Yeah, the FrontCover stuff looked nice. I liked the floral No 7 stuff too - very girly.

Nooberella said...

meh most will end up in the big boxing day sale so if you see something u want for yourself WAIT lol


Laura @ The Beauty Spark said...

haha, oh dear lord, I think i'll pass on this one!


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