Cheap and Effective: My Skin Eye Make Up Remover pads

More often than not, I find make up removal to be a complete and utter bore, and therefore welcome with open arms, any product which promises to make the process less of a burden. 

Supermarket giant Tesco launched the My Skin range last summer, which is designed to target the problems that are commonly associated with teen complexions. 

Within that range are My Skin Eye Make Up Remover Pads (the full name is a tongue twister and unnecessary, so I've shortened it!) which come in a small convenient packet containing 30 pads which are pre-soaked in a gentle formula to remove eye make up and mascara (waterproof too) with ease.

The pads are circular and white in colour, and are already damp, but not soaking wet with a fragrance free lotion which contains almond oil to nourish and soothe the eye area. They also embody extracts of raspberry and lime tree blossom help to keep skin clear and protect against blemishes, whilst Cimicfuga extract (no idea what that is, but it sounds exotic) helps control excess oil and shine.

Smooth on one side and slightly raised with small pockets (like ordinary cotton pads) on the other, the pads glide smoothly over my skin as I remove my eye make up. I need to use two pads for each eye but my eye shadow and mascara melt away with no need for a vigorous scrubbing motion.

The sceptic in me initially looked at these in disdain, fearing their performance would be less than adequate but boy was I surprised. The pads leave behind no oily residue, nor do they show show signs of irritation, which was one of my primary concerns. 

They take up minimal space in their dinky packaging and are easily remain fresh with the resealable strip. Easy to use and dispose of, not to mention kind to the eyes, I'll definitely be popping these into my basket each time I do my online food shop. Perfect for an overnight stay, your evening skin care regime or even as a holiday essential too.

Well done Tesco - every little DOES help!

Where can I buy them? Tesco
How much are they? £2.19

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Laura said...

Might have to check these out :) Great review, thanks hun xxx


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