Cosmetic Calamity!

After hearing positive reviews of the new 17 Mirror Shine On lipsticks, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Karleigh had popped one in, as an extra in a package to me (thanks hon!). When applied, Nudist Peach was a lovely, neutral pink (looks brighter in the pic, thanks to my excitable camera flash) which had a moisturising finish that lasted well, until I has something to eat.

No shimmer or glitz making it unwearable, just a nice soft finish that set off a daytime face perfectly and still gave me shine, without the stickiness of lipgloss.

I liked it so much, that I reached for it two days in a row. As I swiped it over my bottom lip yesterday evening, this was the end result ...

It snapped clean in half and fell to the floor! What the ..?! I could understand if I'd been a tad forceful during application, but I was rather enjoying the moment and applying it quite slowly whilst pouting in the mirror, so the sudden jerk of my hand as my new lipstick met a premature death was a rude awakening!

I've since heard from a couple of other beauty bloggers that their 17 lipsticks have also suffered the same fate.
17 if you're reading, you need to rethink your lipstick formula, this is not a good look! 

Thank you, over and out!

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Keri said...

My 'Beehive' is heading to a simular fate :(
Such a shame cos I was really impressed with these too!


legseleven7 said...

I dont get the hype behind these lipsticks. I dont think ive ever bought from 17.

Rhamnousia said...

I swatched a lot of their colours instore and they were nice, quite sheer but wearable. The only reason I didn't buy them was because they broke as I was swatching and the SA said that a they had a lot of breakages of those lipsticks.

It's a shame really because the colours are good, I just wish they had a bit more gumption about them.

Sparklz and Shine said...

This really doesn't suprise me. Every time I've looked at these, many of the testers have just been like goo......put me off good and proper!

Nooberella said...

oh no! glad u like it..... but shame this has happened =0/ on the plus side, ive had mine a few weeks and use it all the time and its fine =) you didnt leave it in the sun or anything did you?! xx

Maxime said...

*wraps her 17 lipstick in bubble wrap and puts it in the fridge with creme d'nude*

Beth said...

Oooh thats not good.

I've got a few of these and I think I've been lucky as I've not had any snappage.

I think I'll be extra careful though, just in case.

MissisG said...

oh what a pain. i've got beehive and nudist peach and so far they're fine...

VexintheCity said...

@Keri Uh-oh ..

@Legseleven - I haven't bought any 17, since I as about ..erm 15?? Their new PR drive has forced their new range in my face, so it's bene hard NOT to take notice. I have their new mascara which I'll be trying and reviewing later today.

@Rhamnousia - I think they need to do something about the formula. It's put me off buying more now.

@Nooberella - Nah it wasn't in the heat at all. All my Mu is kept away from the window and is in the coolest part of my bedroom.

@Maxime - LOL Good idea!

@Beth - Yeah, handle them with care!

Celia said...

ew thats hella lame, i hate when lippies do that. i think i'd create a massacre if one of my mac broke off like that.

Lucy said...

Hi there, its Lucy from the 17 team here. Thanks so much for all your comments on the lipstick and for bringing the problem to our attention! We've spoken with our formulation team and we know that the lipstick formulation is a soft one due to the levels of oils in. These levels give the nice texture, glide on application and high gloss of the formulation. If the lipstick is stored or used at extreme temperatures then there is a possibility that the stick will be softer than usual when used, however I know that you mentioned that you keep your make up in a cool place. Another cause for the stick possibly snapping is that the bullet is wound up too far, so there is not enough support from the pack.

However we will keep monitoring the situation with the lipstick, we don't want anyone to be disappointed with 17. If anyone has any further comments please do let us know so we can make sure we get it right!


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