Korres Suntan Oil Face + Body Walnut + Coconut SPF 10

A vegetable-based suntan oil, which offers a deep and uniform tan with a long-lasting effect. Walnut and Sesame oils provide natural protection from the sun, while Carrot oil enhances the natural tanning process and prevents premature skin ageing. The exotic vegetable oils of Jojoba and Coconut keep the skin soft and supple.

Ok, where do I begin with this review? First of all, I'm not a suncare expert and like all reviews on my blog, this is written with my OWN experience in mind. I don't burn when I'm out in the sun. Sure, I feel the heat like everybody else, but my skin doesn't turn lobster red or start peeling when I'm exposed to the sun's rays for prolonged periods of time. I am prone to suffering from heat rash at times though.

If truth be told I don't really go out of my way to use a body lotion with SPF in it or any other kind of product with sun protection for my body. I moisturise my skin and I'm out of the door.

This suntan oil from Korres only offers protection in the form of  SPF10, which will have little effect if you're prone to burning easily when exposed to extreme heat. However, for lazing about in the garden or park or going out shopping, I find this is just fine for my skin type, which tans easily. It comes in an easy to use spray bottle and doesn't project too heavily onto the skin so it's you to control how much you dispense.

It smells lovely and the warm scent of coconut and walnut really compliment one another and give off a yummy smelling aroma. When we had that crazy heatwave in the UK a few weeks ago, I tested this out in the garden for a few days and it accelerated my tan within 40 mins giving my skin a gorgeous glow. I don't find it particularly greasy either, although when my arms were bent an angle the oil became 'sweaty' in my elbow crease.

This can be applied to both the face and body and as with all SPF products it needs to be reapplied after towel drying, swimming or sweating in order to continue protecting your skin with the SPF. If you need little SPF protection or won't be in the sun for extended periods of time then this is a lovely product that will aid any suntan you're trying to gain whilst still keeping the skin feeling soft.  

How much is it? £12-£13 (150ml)
Where can I buy it? BeautyExpert, Mankind

3 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Sarah from IHeartCosmetics said...

I love the smell of this as well, i can only use it on my legs but it smells mmm delish x

smarts said...

is this ok for dark skin tones?

VexintheCity said...

@Sarah - Lovely isn't it?

@Smarts - Absolutely! Have you seen a picture of me? LOL


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