Liz Earle Foot Scrub and Foot Repair Moisturiser

I've been using a number of products to help keep my feet looking presentable as they're on show almost daily at the moment, what with the warmer weather we're having at the moment.

I've been using Liz Earle Foot Scrub (£10.25/100ml) and Foot Repair Moisturiser (£12.25/100ml) for a couple of months now and they've contributed to keeping my tootsies feeling soft and smooth.

First up my thoughts on the foot scrub. I really like the packaging, which comes in the form of a sleek slim tube which allows you to dispense the product by gently squeezing it out. You don't need a large amount, it's quite a rich scrub, and contains softening avocado and wheatgerm oils combined with peppermint and rosemary oils which leave your feet smelling fresh and pleasant

It also contains natural pumice, which exfoliates gently, yet effectively and which is visible when the scrub is rinsed off. A trail of black grains are left in the bath, which disappear down the plughole very easily and leave no mess behind. If you've just had a pedicure and want a scrub that will prolong it with minimal fuss then this is a great product. If you have dry skin on your heels, then using this alongside a foot file should improve the appearance of your feet too. 

I prefer to use this in the bath as I can sit on the edge and give my feet a good scrub, whereas standing on one foot in the shower, and trying to apply this at the same time would probably result in an accident!! I'm happy to spend an extra 5 minutes in the bathroom applying, scrubbing and then rinsing this off before jumping in the shower.

What I really like about the foot moisturiser is that it isn't greasy - yet still genuinely leaves my feet feeling moisturised.  I'm not keen on the pump as I've found myself pressing it up to seven times before I get any product out onto my hand. I then need to press it a few more times to get enough product for one application out which becomes tedious - especially as I use this almost every day. The dispenser releases far too little of the moisturiser at any given time and when I'm in a hurry this becomes frustrating.

(L) -  Foot Repair Moisturiser
(R) Foot Scrub

It has a peppermint scent (which really reminds me of toothpaste), and is infused with shea butter, and like the foot scrub also contains wheatgerm and avocado oils to soften and moisturise the skin. If the dispenser issues are addressed then I'd possibly consider purchasing this in the future, but there are other products I use that are cheaper and don't give me any dispensing issues.

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StellieStellina said...

I use this duo and I really like them. The scrub is fantastic, I was very surprised and I'm normally loyal to my L'occitane foot cream, but this comes really close, possibly better if you are applying during the day as it's less thick. I have a smaller version though, which doesn't have the same packaging so I haven't had the same problem as you with the application. In fact, I've had the opposite a few times, squeezing too much out!x

Imo said...

I like the sound of these...peppermint and shea butter for the feet sounds like a lovely combo for tired feet


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