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A petition has been set up online HERE for those whose who would like to make their feelings about the controversial MAC for Rodarte collection known in a more formal manner.

The petition calls for MAC to donate 100% of the profits from this the Rodarte collection and names three reputable charities recommended by  Amigos de las Mujeres de Juarez and Casa Amiga - two reputable non profit agencies working with families who have been affected by the Juarez femicides. 

On Friday I received an email from a lady who lives in El Paso, Texas who has family living in Juarez. She had read this article that Colorlines Magazine published on Friday and wanted to thank every blogger who had taken the time to make their feelings known, which in turn forced MAC to change the product names.

" Hello.

I came across your blog through an article from Color Lines titled "The Beauty Bloggers Who Blew MAC and Rodarte's Juarez Cover," and I just wanted to thank you and the other bloggers for having done what you did. I live in El Paso, TX which is the sister city directly opposite of Juárez. What is going on in Juárez is absolutely horrific and saddening. 

My family lives in Juárez and I am appalled that any cosmetic line would be "inspired" from so much hatred, violence, sadness, and grief. Especially when I just found out that my cousin was mugged in Juárez. Thankfully, they only took her material positions and she is still with life. Something that thousands can no longer say. 

I thank you, and all the bloggers across the internet, for making MAC bend and change their line. I, however, agree with you that this line should not exist and I too would give them a standing ovation if they did donate a more generous amount. One positive outcome of this entire scandal is that many more people are aware of the situation in Cuidad Juárez.

Once again, thank you."

Receiving this email was a real eye opener. The people in Juarez are real and these atrocities ARE happening. Obviously money cannot a replace the loss of a loved one, but I hope that the aid of a considerable financial donation can improve the lives of many who are working in poor conditions in Juarez.

Please show your support and add your signature to the list, as well as a comment expressing your views - we have achieved so much already, and hopefully  with one last push we can persuade MAC and Rodarte to do what many of us feel is "the right thing" and donate 100% of the profits from the Rodarte collection and not a paltry sum of $100,000 which is barely a drop in the ocean for a company that generates millions of dollars in profits annually.

Many thanks to Olivia of Healing Beauty for setting the petition up and thank you for reading.

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kali said...

I've posted the same petition on my blog a few days ago along with putting it in the sidebar (in case anyone misses the post.) I think the petition is a great idea and having all the proceeds donated would really help. Hey, they donate 100% of Viva Glam proceeds year after year so why not do this for the women in Juarez?!

I hope the petition makes a difference and urges MAC to donate 100% of the proceeds and if not, maybe they'll at least even donate more. I applaud you for posting the petition and spreading the word to more readers.

VexintheCity said...

@Kali - Great idea, I've posted it in my sidebar too now! I totally agree with what you're saying, hopefully the petition will make even more of a difference :-)

I Am...LondonDiva said...

Thanks for the heads up on the petition. Made a blog post on it. **BIG THUMBS UP**

Mz. More said...

I posted about this as well and made it a sticky and a featured post. I really hope that the petition is a success. $100,000 is a slap in the face! smh

Ashleybop said...

This whole collection not only disgusted me, but it also made me realize what people will do for money. Then on top of that make up "inspiration". Who could be inspired by murder! M.A.C has always been a favorite makeup company because the price's and creativity (which has been lacking).I will not be purchasing from this collection, and from this moment on I will look into collections before I purchase anything. Another thing that has left me without words is that women/men are still buying from this collection. I don't care that M.A.C is donating 100,000 NOT ENOUGH! Please support the women of Juarez by not purchasing from this collection.


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