MAC To Donate ALL Global Profits From MAC Rodarte Collection!

The relentless tweeting, emails, blog posts and petition have finally paid off and we've achieved the outcome we wanted so badly. MAC have announced that they will be donating all global profits from the future MAC Rodarte collection to a new initiative that will provide continual support to the women and girls of Juarez as well as raising awareness.

Christina of  broke the news on behalf of MAC and you can read MAC's statement in full here.

A couple of weeks ago, a number of bloggers came together and worked together to highlight a make up collection which many of us viewed as tasteless and offensive. I'm really proud of what we have achieved and this hands down is my greatest blogging moment so far. I'm truly amazed that together we bought a company as huge as MAC Cosmetics to its knees. It's mindblowing!

I have a new found respect for MAC for listening to its customers, realising they were wrong and acting swiftly to put things right. Well done to everybody who spoke out, wrote a blog post, signed the petition, retweeted the #MACRodarte tweets!

It feels really good to be a beauty blogger right now and I'm looking forward to seeing the changes that MAC will be implementing over the next few weeks.

Well done everybody!

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alexandra said...

I couldnt have said it better than how you've put it there. I'm amazed and so pleased and proud for the beauty blogging community. This is a true achievement that everyone worked together to reach. Well done everyone!

ModestyBrown said...

It truly is the best new ever. For me this was the only outcome that would give MAC a shred of credibility back. I'm so pleased that they heard us and listened. In particular I think it was impossible not to hear the voices of Mexican women that were outraged.

Thank you all for your amazing work in getting MAC to hear our collection voice,
Jane x

welldressedbeauty said...

Blog power!! I'm so glad MAC haven't let us down x

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

Thank you for this post! I've been trying to follow the story because it's SO shocking that MAC would do something like that. I'm glad to hear they're are addressing the complaints the public has been voicing.


Sami said...

This is amazing news! I am so proud of my fellow beauty bloggers :-)

K said...

I am REALLY happy that MAC decided to do the right thing. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort!

Ondo Lady said...

Well done on your relentless campaign, it shows what power we have. The consumer is king and we just need to believe it. I am so proud of you guys.

Nadette said...

This is great! I signed the petition a few days ago, and stated that I would not be be purchasing MAC products until they did better by the women of Juarez. I'm thrilled that they have reacted to the issue and listened to what the beauty community had to say! and i'm also relieved that i won't have to looking for a new eye liner brand, lol.


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