Urban Decay Book Of Shadows III + Swatches

The latest offering from Urban Decay is here - Book of Shadows III, which comes complete with a New York theme. I made my disdain of the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette packaging crystal clear when it was released, but I do have a soft spot for this palette which pays homage to one of my favourite cities.

The pop-up collage includes lots of NYC faves - from the skyscrapers, to a yellow taxi. They've even chucked in a 'a pair of sneakers'.

The lights on the skyscraper light up when you open it up and stay on for a few seconds - tres cute, and no I wasn't about to wait 'til nightfall to take a photo in the dark to show them off!

The palette contains 16 eye shadows, 2 eye liners and a mini primer potion:

PERVERSION – Matte Black
UZI – Metallic silver with iridescent glitter
LOADED – Blackened Forest Green
KUSH – Bright Green
MCRA – Golden Beige with neutral glitter
LAST CALL – Plum Punch
ROCKSTAR – Aubergine with neutral leanings
MONEY – Dull Platinum
HAIGHT – Shimmering Mediterranean Teal
MAUI WOWIE – Medium gold with silver glitter
SMOG – Coppery bronze
BORDELLO – Neutral Pink that leans to gold
RADIUM – Bright metallic blue
SNATCH – Peach-pink with glitter
SUSPECT – Oyster with dimensional shift
PSYCHEDELIC SISTER – Purple amethyst

Pop the hood to check out my swatches. All photos were taken first using flash, then without and can be enlarged by clicking on them.

**Please note that my swatch of Haight is NOT a true depiction of its colour at all. It's a deep, gorgeous teal as shown in the packaging shot and is hands down my favourite shade in this palette. It's NOT a blue at all. I'm very annoyed at my camera right now**

As I mentioned, Haight is my favourite shade, it's a gorgeous jewel toned teal, one similar to that in the Stila Loves Barbie All Doll'd Up palette, but much deeper in tone. I actually love Loaded too, which is a sexy blackened green. You can make a mean smoky eye with that, let me tell ya!

Uzi, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (yeah, that damn shadow AGAIN), Maui Wowie and Snatch are the glitter bombs in this palette. They all contain large-ish glitter particles, when swatched that you can either dust off after application as best you can, or run the risk of having it all over your face within the hour.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this palette though. I love the outer packaging with its raised, laminated lettering and design. I find all the shades very wearable and the shades will look gorgeous on tanned/dark skin. If you don't own any Urban Decay eye shadows, then you can't go wrong with this palette.

This is currently available to purchase exclusively off the Debenhams website and is priced £30. It will be available to buy in-store from September 6th. It's limited edition, so don't umm and ahh about it, unless you want to pay over the odds on Ebay! 

U.S/Canadian ladies - this is available to purchase at Urbandecay.com after Sept 6th (Labor Day), unless you plan on attending the exclusive Sephora event on August 28th at the Times Square branch (see the Urban Decay Facebook page for details). It's available in-store at Macy's, Sephora and Ulta on October 1st

I've just had a thought, imagine if Urban Decay had obtained the rights to use Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind and Alicia Key's burst out in song singing "New Yooooooork", every time you opened the palette? Urban Decay, you missed a trick there! LOL

14 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Imogen said...

Haha, I loved your little thing at the end about Jay-Z made me lol!

I really want to pick this up, and the Naked Palette, is there any more news about when thats relaeased in the UK?x

Sirvinya said...

ok, so I want this even more now than I did 5 minutes ago. I have to wait until 27th, when I actually have some money.

Awesome swatches!

Lipglossiping said...

Great swatches, love psychedelic sister on your skintone. I love the lights on the Brooklyn Bridge... some of them are really subtle twinkles! x

LilyLipstick said...

This looks like an amazing palette. Thanks for the swatches :) x

VexintheCity said...

@Imogen - LOL The Naked palette was released at the Oxf St HOF store last week and at the Victoria branch a few days ago as an exclusive. I don't know when it'll be available nationwide. The dates keep changing!

@Sirvinya - Hehe ..it's worth the wait x

@Lipglossiping - Yeah chars! ;-) LOL

@Lilylipstick - You're welcome x

tinuvielx said...

llovin rockstar and psychedelic sister. they look like my sorta colors, cant wait to get my hands on this!!! xx


Sharon said...

OMG THESE SWATCHES ARE GORGEOUS!!! Now I have to get this!! lol... thank youuu!

Sami said...

This palette is too cute! I'm still trying to decide whether I should get it or play it safe and get the Naked palette... maybe I'll get both?!


janet said...

is it available at debenhams instore? I'm visiting London in a couple of days and would love to get it then..

StyleFrost said...

Thanks for this, I also bought this and got it a few days ago, yes I was lured in my the lovely NYC box and colours! not tried it yet though, but seeing the swatches has helped as wasn't sure if it was worth keeping!


tina_mbc said...

Haha, lol@your "New Yooork" marketing idea, that would sell super quickly (well not that UD needs any help)!!!
This is a great palette, much more interesting and versatile than Naked imo!
Looking forward for its release!


Iris said...

Thanks for posting! This is soooo unfair! It took me forever to track down my Naked palette now that I've finally gotten it- I in comes Book of Shadows 3 ... I'll start counting down to Sept 6 *sighs

FabDiva20 said...

The colors are gorgeous!! Definitely getting this palette since I've missed out on the Book Of Shadows Volume 2 and the Alice In Wonderland Book Of Shadows. Hopefully that I'll snatch it up on Urban Decay's website. If not, then I can snatch it up on October 1st on Sephora's or Ulta's website.

liloo said...

I love love love the swatches. I have got way too many eye shadows so I will pass on this box sex but omg how pretty is this. not too keen of the pop up cardboard thing though xx


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