Beauty Bloggers Backstage - Seven Questions with LiAnn of Sparklecrack Central

It's that time again, I'm interviewing another beauty blogger, and this month I was drawn with was no other than LiAnn of Sparklecrack Central , who came up with the idea of Beauty Bloggers Backstage. LiAnn is a huge mineral make up lover, who owns a remarkable collection and has been busy sharing her love of it on Sparklecrack Central for over 18 months.


If you want to join Beauty Bloggers Backstage, which allows beauty bloggers to get the 411 on one another, then check the site out for more details. In the meantime, read on for my lil' chat with LiAnn :-)

1. What inspired you to begin beauty blogging?
As my collection neared the 700-color mark, I wanted to compare similar colors - especially indie dupes and near-dupes of BE colors. I'd found two exact dupes of BE colors, often marked "hard to find" on Ebay, for $2 a pot...and the pigmentation and longevity were similar. I wanted to share the information. I actually didn't start out doing many EoTDs - now, I'm posting one nearly every day. I'm learning a lot, too!!

2. If you had to stick to one cosmetic brand for the rest of your make up wearing days, which one would it be and why?
Geez...well, if Aromaleigh hadn't up and closed, I'd say Aromaleigh. I wasn't fond of their foundation, but their blushes, lip colors, and eye colors were all amazing. Second choice would be Meow (that's who I use for foundation. I like their eyecolors as well...just not as well as Aromaleigh.)

3. What are your blogging peeves?
Corrupted databases and botched software upgrades...both of which are currently kicking my ass. (If we're talking "content pet peeves" biggest gripe is the fact that I can't take decent photos.)

4. You own an insane number of eye shadows (LiAnn owns over 1300!!!). Name three shades you always reach for. Um. Um. That's a tough one... (This past year I've forced myself to use each color in my collection once - to get to know them all, to actually use them all. I've learned quite a lot; but I effectively now no longer have "a shade I always reach for." I've reached for them all!! I've also gotten comfortable working with all the colors in the spectrum.)

I'd say that the shades I grab most often are: medium to medium-dark orange, duochrome blue-grey-green, and pink- or red-brown. I have tried to get more comfortable using yellows (not golds - I can use those well), and still have to work a bit to get pure greens to work well for me. I don't give my true-green shadows nearly enough love, I think.

5. What has been your proudest blogging moment to date?
I don't honestly know! Everything I've done with Sparklecrack Central has been fairly routine, just kind of re-using skills I've honed other places / other blogs (writing, HTML, CSS, organization, categorization.) On another of my blogs (now also down for the count, with this same corrupted-database/munged software upgrade problem) I had two separate posts nominated as the "Best of Holidailies". I think that was in 2006, if I remember correctly. (I didn't participate in 2009.)

6. If you could visit any three cities anywhere in the world, which ones would be top of your list?
Vancouver BC (which is gorgeous, I lived there for a few years and really do miss it) is about the only city, necessarily - and I actually include the entire metro and surrounding areas in my "I love that place" happy thoughts. If money were no object, if I had the time off from work (and knew I had a job to come back to), I'd kind of like to hike the entire Israel National Trail. I'd also like to go hiking in the Sandias, in New Mexico.

7. Favourite ice-cream flavour?
Mexican chocolate (chocolate, caramel, cinnamon...yum!), or green tea. Depends on if I'm in the mood for "sweet/spicy", or "sweet/cool".

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