Chanel Paradoxal Vs Models Own Purple Grey

For those of you adding yourselves to waiting lists and climbing over mountains and allsorts to get the latest 'must-have' nail polish from Chanel, do yourself a favour, save yourself the time (and money) and check out the alternative dupe that is Models Own Purple Grey. Check out  The Swatchaholic who's posted a great comparison post, which shows off the uncanny likeness.

Check out the the full comparison review, complete with suggestions on how to obtain the same muted shimmer found in the Chanel polish here

£16.50 or £5. Which would you rather pay?

9 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

jaljen said...

Do I look stupid! Models Own, please! Kerching!

Nikki said...

Nice comparison!! Thank you so much for this! :D it looks such a gorgeous colour! xx

WillWorkForMakeup said...

I've been lusting over Paradoxal for quite some time now but the more swatches I see of it, the less special it starts to look...definitely not worth $23. I would totally buy the Models Own version if only it was available in the US...oh well! :) xx

Kristie said...

Awesome dupes. Thanks Yinka. I still think $23 is way too much for a nail polish although I love Chanel.

Clairey said...

I am afraid to say I have Paradoxal, I love Paradoxal and I am buying a back up Paradoxal!

Katie said...




tina_mbc said...

It's been aaaages since I laid eyes on a nail polish and fell in love w it from swatches alone, so I guess I 'll be getting the real deal this time... but that Models Own is certainly an excellent dupe!
Both will make stellar options for a fall nail!


liloo said...

awesome awesome post. chuckling at this comparison. thank you for this. haha, up yours chanel xx

britishbeautyblogger said...

OMG! It is such a perfect dupe...not seen them side by side like this...wonder whose was first?


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