What's Happened to K by Beverley Knight Cosmetics?

Less than a year after its launch, RnB singer Beverley Knight's cosmetic line, K by Beverley Knight has been withdrawn from London department store, Selfridges.  I can't say I'm surprised.

After its initial launch in September 2009, within a couple of weeks it quickly lost its prime location in the middle of Selfridges Beauty Hall and was relegated off the main floor, tucked behind a corner where the counter was practically invisible unless you happened to accidentally walk past it or were accosted by a SA, who were forced to stand on the main aisled entrance in order to catch your attention.

I think they've made a huge mess of their advertising campaign. WHERE were they advertising for a start? I have a feeling they stuck an advert in Pride and Black Beauty & Hair magazine and hoped for the best! Their Twitter account came along far too late, and when they did eventually arrive on Twitter, the questions I put to the team were ignored. Oh well.

It's a shame the line hasn't been successful, it had every opportunity to be. There is more than enough room for another brand which specifically caters for darker skin tones in the cosmetics industry. 

Unfortunately some of the shades in the line reminded me of the limited shades that were available to my mother in her make-up wearing prime - dark black/purple or bright red lipstick. No thanks, it's so dated! It was almost like looking at Fashion Fair in faux NARS-esque packaging. When I checked the range out a few months ago, I did fall in love with a couple of her blushes though (no surprise there).

I hope Black|Up , another cosmetics brand catering for darker skins which is currently found in Debenhams and Morleys, Brixton don't suffer the same fate. I plan on visiting the counter and delivering my thoughts on the range shortly.

Black women are quite happy to spend a lot of money on cosmetics (am I not frickin' testament to this, hello?!! Don't make me post an updated collection blog post!), but if a brand doesn't put itself 'out there', then how on earth do they expect their target audience to find them?

The line has now been heavily discounted both on the official website and those of Debenhams and BeautyBay. The official site has the cheapest prices, followed by BeautyBay, then Debenhams who barely have anything left - which leads me to believe prices have been lowered for a while, but that it's all been kept very quiet. 

Eye shadows are down to £3.99, blushes are £6 on the official site. Unfortunately I have no experience of her foundations and don't even know which shade I'd be and I'm not sure I'm willing to play a guessing game, I don't care if they're only a tenner! I DO recommend you grab blushes in Flame and Fushia if nothing else! The counter in Selfridges, London has now disappeared after flogging its stock at 75% off back in June - erm, why was I not informed?!

Were you a fan of K by Beverley Knight products or did the brand escape your radar?


18.08.10 - I was notified today by solicitors (in the poorly written letter displayed below) representing Beverley Knight that her cosmetics line has not 'gone bust', as I had originally described and reported on vexinthecity.com.

I've adjusted the title of this blog post, which previously read as 'K by Beverley Knight Cosmetics Goes Bust' and amended the first two sentences of this blog post accordingly. The rest of this post represents its original format, the thoughts expressed are my own and will NOT be altered again.

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SilhouetteScreams said...

This doesn't surprise me either, I'd only ever seen the Pixiwoo girls talk about the brand. :X

Ondo Lady said...

Yes I heard about the launch last year, I think she was in a few magazines and on TV. The launch of the makeup line took me by surprise as I think it was very low key. Funny though I never heard anything about it after that and forgot about it. I was told by a friend that the brand had folded because Bev did not want to spend time promoting it. Silly lady, did she expect the product to fly off the shelves with no promotion. Look how much MAC spend on marketing and they are a massive brand.

Henessy said...

I totally forgot this brand was out, I think I saw one advertisement for it last year but that's about it. I haven't even had a look at their products that's how interested I was...but I might check out there blushes as recommended by you before they disappear.

Bella Queen said...

I am so not surprised. There was barely any advertising. I think I saw an advert in Pride and that was it. I'm sure there were others, but none put in a place that I would see them and I'm pretty savvy in knowing whats out there.

Back in June, I was in Selfridges and saw their counter at the back of the main hall, tucked away in some right hand corner. Blink and you'd miss it. It looked so sad, it was unmanned, the products were incomplete and I really felt sorry for Beverley. But any make up brand needs a deep pocket behind it and I'm not sure how deep her's or her backers were. On that same day, I noticed a pile of eyeshadow in a discount bin being sold for £3....such a shame.

I hope other brands take note on how not to launch and run a brand.

Better luck next time Beverley and please think of a better name :-)

DesignerSpray said...

Oh dear. I'm sure with the right advertising, her range would have been a a popular range, especially amongst us darker skin toned ladies. xx

Lydia said...

such a shame, the products seemed to be good!
They should have campaigned more.

Do you know if they ship internationally?

Chanel said...

I didn't even know about this make up brand so they clearly did mess up advertising lol

Rhamnousia said...

Nice, small comment coming up here:

I think maybe the UK isn't ready for a high end brand which caters mainly for us darker skinned ladies.

I noticed this range was going down because the prices were marked down on the Debenhams site yesterday. The same fate befell Fashion Fair as they were on discount too.

Brands like Sleek on the other hand are doing a roaring trade..maybe because they started in Superdrug and are therefore more accessible to everyone as opposed to those who shop more in Selfridges if you get what I mean?

I'm not saying that darker skinned ladies don't WANT to spend more money on their makeup, it's probably just a combo of no brand awareness due to bad marketing and/or not ENOUGH wanting to spend a lot of money. Also, I know that brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown cater for all skintones..maybe some don't want to leave their comfort zones.

Either way, it's sad news. My local Fashion Fair concession was seldom manned and when it was, it was manned by a lady wearing foundation which was a good 5 shades too light for her.

Re. Black Up..I saw that on sale on the Debenhams site yesterday and thought I read something wrong but no, it was actually called Black Up. Why would you choose that as a name? The packaging seems a bit confused, it's all a mishmash of different designs..

amber_j said...

What a shame. I was really excited about this brand when it was launched and was hoping to check out the foundations on my next trip to London. But I saw loads of items on Brand Alley back in June and realised it must be on its way out.

Oh, and the Black Up range is also for people with fairer skin tones. I'm not entirely sure why they came up with that name, but as it's a European brand I'm assuming something got lost in translation. Sigh...

SoFrolushes said...

Mmm well I never actually got to see this brand so it will not be missed by me at all. For high end Make-up I still have many brands that either cater to me or include me in their range. such as MAC, Fashion Fair, Iman. Though they are mainly used for foundation. There are other brands too but their european market edition of the range excludes me. Revlon, Loreal et al

Bevs range sounded good from what I read here a while ago but it sounds like there was no effort to reach out to who her target audience are. People should make no mistake about where black people shop. Because black folk will travel within reason to get what they need or want. Companies celebs etc need to respect the people they want to buy their goods. If your time is not good enough then peoples purses will remain closed to your ventures.

Oh well
Let's see if this means she will put out a new album.

As for BlackUp, the name has never bothered me. I do know that it is a French company. So when the french makeup artist came up with the name it just may have been the usual flaw in translation. They have been around for years but so far I have never tried their products but their website is so enticing

LaaLaa Phoenix Monroe said...

Don't get me started on this ... I think I found out first hand that they couldn't even conduct business right after working for them as a beauty consultant. Cannot say I am shocked at all xo

The Postcolonial Rabbit said...

I did a double take when I saw "Black Up" in Debenhams Croydon!

I think it's sad BK has gone bust, but on the occasions I've wandered by the counter, I've not been tempted to purchase anything. Now that some mainstream brands are offering better pigmented shades for darker skins, even on the high street, I guess brands that cater specifically for darker skins have to offer something else: better colours and textures, great packaging. We're a lot fussier now! you can't just expect to put a line out there and for people to come flocking.

Interesting really, makes me realise how much the make up scene has improved for Black and Asian women. Though there's a way to go (BLACK UP!?!)

Silver Lips said...

Say it isn't so! I so wanted to pick up a few things from the counter on my visit next year :-( Maybe I'll try to get my hands on a few things. I love her as a singer and wished her line could have been around longer

Doma-Nikki said...

Wow tbh your blog is the only reason i even knew Beverley Knight was bringing out a make-up line!! Have not seen one stan, advert or anyone talk about it since..

It is such a shame though, shes a local talent and the make-up range for darker skintones would have been great. x


ivl68 said...

Just received an order this morning from the range. I can see why they went bust packaging looks cheap the press powder has no applicator so will have to buy one, but the colour and look is nice. I am happy with it because I didn't pay much for it, but if it was the original price I would be very unhappy!! If they had sold it at a lower price and at local hair shops Super drug etc, it would of done better and may be still be here today.

Vals2Saucey said...

Any updates? Sure would have like to have seen swatches!


mirandaspiff said...

Hi everyone, I have read all the comments on this topic/subject and i will like to mention somethings that i feel women of colour should take into consideration as I have a very good commercial awarness of make up products having worked on different counters or with different brands ranging from mainstream to luxury, to mass market to the ones for women of colour like Iman, black up, as well as K by Beverley Knight.
Now for someone who has been behind the counters black ladies are not always very emm (trying to think of the right word)the easiest to please and i dont really blame them, after all for many years they have only been exposed to limited brands which i think they have gotten hooked on. However, no one should complain that there are not enough shades out there for women of colour because the ones that are out are not really appreciated by some. Fair enough maybe there should have been more marketing but what about the ones who actually saw the product. Why werent they buying? Some come and get makeovers for free and not buy one product.Trust me, it wasnt the quality because the product are amazing. the range might not be so wide but modern and innovative there is nothing like it.With the foundations you dont feel like you have any make up on and its stain proof(literally). My client has noticed that after using the primer, over time her skin is smoother and more supple which is not a suprise to me as the products are suitable for the most sensitive skin, infact it almost healing. The matt compact can be used on its own or acts as a perfect polished finish for your foundation. All products are oil free which means no shine and longevity of products. Blushers and eyeshadows have been specially hand picked to suit warmer skin tones and as a result are very complementing and flattering bringing out ones best features. The application is quick and easy due to great pigmentation and quality. I can go on forever. By the way the range has been tried and tested in countries with high humidity, and out of all brands ive tried, it will be no 1.
If the price was too high for you, its gone down now so no excuses. if you need expect advice on how to apply the product and finding your perfect shade, contact Miranda (mirandaspiff@yahoo.co.uk)who is a freelance make up artist also check out her youtube videos by searching for "mirandaspiff1" to go to her channel to subscribe.
One last thing I want to say is ladies if you cant afford Mac or Bobby Brown, there is K, if still too expensive, try sleek, mary kay, dream matte mouse maybelline. If you feel you want to spend more, try Iman, Black up, Nars, Cover FX, laura mercier. Please dont go to black up and complain that its too expensive, instead buy the one you can afford. I hope this will encourage more people to try out the range. God bless.

Edafe Onerhime said...

Interesting article, it's a shame it wasn't promoted more, I'd never heard of it! I stumbled across your blog in my eternal search for a foundation that looks natural and ordered off the official website. Will see what it's like when it turns up.


LC said...

I havent heard of this brand ,but reading about what happend is sad.. my thoughts regardless of the packaging and name,there are still a need for this brand globally for dark skins .very few companies in this industry actually care less of our dark skin they think we dont have it! So thumps up for Bevery knight cosmetics for the effort and all it needs is constant marketing and time the brand is still young.

ak said...

I checked out Beverly Knight's range when it 1st reached Selfridges after seeing her plug it on TV one day. Her range of foundations were too small and were red-based meaning only dark skinned black women with red undertones could wear them but left out the women with yellow undertones or those who are dark but with blue undertones. Also her line of lipsticks were far too small. I am a lipstick worshipper!


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