Nails Inc Bargain Manicure Offer

Nails in need of a good buffing? About time you changed your polish? Then sit up and pay attention!

nails inc is offering a nails inc mini (shape and paint) which normally costs £17, for just £11 when you book BEFORE 11am (or 1pm on Sundays).

The Euro equivalent is €15 when booked before 11am, normal price is €22

Check the store locator to find your nearest nails inc

Whilst I still have your attention, check out some of the nails inc gift sets and shades available this Christmas at

I'm loving the diamanté embossed polish bottles - fabulous!

4 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

maRyya said...

cute blog!
i'm following you
please visit my blog if you have time and follow me ^_^

Miss Yaya said...

the embellished bottles rock my socks!

Fatima said...

that sounds great!

V said...

Looks like fun, I would totally go to that if I was in the UK!! Love the polishes.


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