Review: Decleor Hydra-Radiance Smoothing Cleansing Mousse

We all know how important it is to have a proper cleansing routine. Cutting corners can lead to 'problem skin', which is often caused when we don't cleanse our skin properly. This can be the result of either sleeping in our make-up or using facial wipes which leave some form of  residue behind, regardless of how clean the wipe will come away from our skin.

To ensure brighter, clearer and hydrated skin, Fiona Brackenbury, Decleor's UK Head of Training and brain behind Hydra-Radiance Smoothing Cleansing Mousse, has created a 3-in-1 super cleaning formula which aims to carry out three distinct actions, which are:

1, Deep Cleansing
2. Skin Polishing and Perfecting
3. Hydrating and Plumping

You only need to pump a small amount into the palm of your hand and when water is added to this rich concentrated cream cleanser, it lathers up quickly, leaving you with a creamy, mousse-like lather which vaguely resembles shaving foam. I'm a big fan of cleansers that lather up, I convince myself that my skin will be super clean when I remove them.
I wasn't wrong - this DOES leave my skin feeling extremely clean and removed most of my make up with ease. However, it leaves my skin feeling so clean that it feels uncomfortably tight and is left looking visibly dry after I've wiped it off with the accompanying muslin cloth (two come with the cleanser). The drying effect I felt was instant and I even used a smaller quantity in the hope that it would help to ease it, but it made no difference.

Remember when you knew no better as a child and used soap to wash your face? Remember that tight, tense feeling you'd get and the way your hands would 'squeak' over your skin? Well I get the same effect each time I use this Decleor Cleansing Mousse. Not pleasant at all. It even smells like soap which just confirms why I find it so drying.
Another thing I should mention is one night I attempted to use this to remove my eye make up. Big mistake. I mistakenly got some cleanser first in one eye, and then the other and it was really painful. Based on my experience, I wouldn't advise using this around the eye area and would suggest that you use a separate eye make up remover.

I was so 'traumatised', that I asked a fellow beauty blogger who had also received a sample if she had experienced the same thing and urged her to do an 'eye test' as proof that I wasn't exaggerating. She did, and she too suffered the same discomfort. This is something that certainly needs to be worked on.

This paraben-free formula is meant to eradicate the need for a toner after use, but I find my skin is desperate for hydration afterwards, so the use of a toner actually helps to saturate my skin before I use moisturiser. It contains Grapefruit, Papaya Extract and Japanese White Mulberry which is supposed to remove dead skin cells and gently exfoliate but it made no difference to my skin's texture (except drying it out), even after a week.

I also didn't experience any moisturising or skin polishing effects from this cleanser at all, despite my hands feeling soft and showing no signs of dryness when I tested it at the launch event. I found this perplexing, but I guess it just confirms how different the skin on our face is from our hands, if nothing else.

At first glance you can be forgiven for drawing comparisons to Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish, but other than the fact they both come in pump dispensing bottles and are removed from the skin with muslin cloths, that's where the comparison ends.

I've used this for two weeks, despite wanting to ditch it after day two as I couldn't handle how uncomfortable it made my skin feel after cleansing. I persevered in order to give it a fair chance to redeem itself, but enough is enough and I've since reverted back to using  Emma Hardie Amazing Face Monringa Cleansing Balm in the evenings to restore the softness and hydration that I lost whilst using this.

Unfortunately this didn't work for me, and I wanted it to so much as I love the rich lather formulation but hey, there are plenty more cleansers in the sea.

ETA: This was promoted with the promise that it was suitable for 'all skin types'. I'm always sceptical of products that claim to suit everybody. How is is possible when we all have different skin types? The fact that I loathe this so much, yet have read another review which paints it in a positive light is testament that not all skins will react to a product in a the same way. It's possible for a nude lipgloss to suit all, not a cleanser or any other skincare product.

How much is it? £24.55 (Introductory price at QVC. Normally £27)
Where can I buy it from? Available exclusively from QVC until May 2011.

12 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

ReallyRee said...

Oooh I felt your discomfort just reading this! Shan't be investing in this one!

I'm a cream cleanser fan at heart.


Katie Chutzpah said...

Eek! Indeed. K x

Grace London said...

What's the exfoliating from? Does it have scrubby bits in, or is it enzyme action? I found the Elemis enzyme cleanser quite drying, wonder if this is a similar formula.

I'm not sure about using muslins with a non-creamy/oily cleanser either - I think that you need the slip of the cream/oil when using a muslin.

Love that Emma Hardie cleanser!

VexintheCity said...

@RealyRee - Well it may work for you. Our skin's not the same.

@Katie - Just a bit ...

@Grace London - I didn't feel it exfoliating anything tbh, but it contains Grapefruit, Papaya Extract and Japanese White Mulberry which is supposed to remove dead skin cells.

Grace London said...

Yes, it sounds similar to the Elemis tri-enzyme.

britishbeautyblogger said...

What a *should* have been so good. Ideally they ought to have marketed it for oily skin types? Or at least made mention that dry on dry isn't ideal.

VexintheCity said...

@Grace London - I've tried the Enzyme Papaya mask thingy, I quite liked that.

@BritishBeautyBlogger - It's being promoted for use on all skin types, that's the irony!

Milly said...

Really in-depth review Yinka. :) I have to say I agree with many of the disgruntles you have raised. I still have a few more days of trialing this before I pass my final verdict. I am not suffering so much from the dryness or tight skin, but the eye thing...YES! ouchie! I am with you on that one so have avoided using it around my eyes now! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this product x x

Leanne said...

Eek! I've actually been getting on really well with this, but I have very oily skin so there you go! I haven't used it around the eye area at all, glad you mentioned that though. x

Nikki said...

Great review! I am always a bit sceptical of foaming cleansers and ones that are for all skin types, I just know it's going to dry my skin out!! thanks for the review! I like Liz Earle cleanse and polish, but it is a gentle cream cleanser which I love! it doesn't dry me out!

Curves ahead makeup said...

great review I wish I can wash my face more but omg when I do a big case of acne xoxoxo

kitjoegia said...

Hi cleam cleansers are the only thing to use always use lots of water with any cleansing product. Thanks for the great review


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