Smell This! Paco Rabanne - Lady Million

I rarely post about fragrances on my blog, mainly because I think they're so personal. You can't smell a scent through a screen, so no amount of gushing will give a scent justice unless it's directly under your nose and it happens to make you go "Mmmm" too. I also find it incredibly difficult to describe scents and fragrances in a convincing way."Yeah, it smells nice!" is as far as it goes with me.

I had a huge clear out of my fragrances a while back, giving them all away to friends and family and now only have a handful which I alternate between - all of which are fast running out. My bottle of Marc Jacobs Lola is coming to an end and I've decided I don't want to repurchase it, and instead I'll be focusing on trying new fragrances and collating a small collection of trusty scents for different occasions.

The Perfume Shop has compiled its insider’s choice of the latest and hottest new fragrances to adorn its shelves this Autumn/Winter and it's the new Lady Million by Paco Rabanne that has caught my attention. It was Bubblegarm who originally drew my attention to its male counterpart 1 Million a few months ago, which smells pretty hot. I'd highly recommend it for the man in your life, mine loves it!

Lady Million comes in a pretty bottle, inspired by those pretty lil' jewels all ladies love, diamonds. Those of you who understand all that "notes malarky" and the way a fragrance is broken down, feast your eyes on the scents encased in this nose-pleasing goodness:

Heart Notes - Neroli, Orange flower, Arabian Jasmine
Top Notes - Bitter orange, Fleshy raspberry 
Base Notes - Honey, Vibrant patchouli 

It took a couple of days to for me to warm to this, I wasn't keen at first. Described as a floral scent, I can personally smell the fruit and honey in it more than anything else. It's not sickeningly sweet (my nose doesn't think so anyway). I think it's a sophisticated kinda sexy and I like it a lot. It's a warm, enveloping scent that develops nicely. It wears off after a few hours, but I'm happy to squirt it on again if I've got a long day ahead of me.

You can find it at The Perfume Shop (their 5 day mega sale ends tomorrow by the way, so make sure you go on the website!) and prices start at £32.50 for 30ml

Has anybody had a sniff of this yet?

7 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Kim said...

I was handed a card with this sprayed on to it whilst in Boots the other day and I think it smells gorgeous!! xx

Henessy said...

I love love the men's version and I was so excited to see the female one but for some reason I wasnt drawn to it. Maybe its because it doesnt smell exactly like the mens version I love lol.

Essjay23x said...

Love this post! One million has never really been on my radar. Am really curious to test it out now. thank you:)

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

I've not smelt this one yet, but I do love Paco Rabanne perfumes generally. I might have a sniff of this when I can! x

Muhsine said...

I need this! :) I love the mens version so I'm sure I'll LOVE this! X

DeeDee said...

Even if I hated the smell, I am sold on the delicious packaging. lol!

Sami said...

I loooove the mens version of this so as soon as I got a whiff of Lady Million I was sold... But I just recently got a bunch of perfumes so feel a bit guilty buying it... it'll be mine - one day!


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