Models Own Vs Chanel (again)

Models Own have done it again and come up with chic and affordable dupes to rival the current 'must have' shades from the Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel collection.

Due for release at Boots stores in October 2010, Models Own have created three brand new shades - Grace Green, a mossy pastel green; Becca's Brown, a dusky beige hue and Purple Ash, a vintage dusky rose. They've even cheekily named them "The Car Key Collection" (Geddit?)

For £5 a pop, they're a good alternative if you want the latest nail shades, but can't quite bring yourself to succumb to the indulgent £19 Chanel price tag.

17 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Holly said...

haha this is hilarious, love it!!

Shortiee31 said...

I feel bad for laughing but couldn't help actually lol!

Models Own are actually amazing..!

Sana said...

LOVE those colours and so much more affordable. Thank you for this post!! x

Sharon said...

lovely colours..I need to get these..thanx for sharing hun

Beauty Addict said...

That's amazing news!!

Confessions of a Beautyholic

liloo said...

this is so cool, love that models inc brings the posh affordable. xx

Sweetcheeks said...

Brilliant- now I won't even consider splashing out on Chanel. Mind you not that was ever gonna pay £19 for ONE nail polish.. Madness!

Get Gawjus! said...

LOL at the name! so cheeky of them. they seem decent though. pretty safe colours but not exciting.

Bella Queen said...

One can always trust Model's Own to come out with a 'complimentary' set of colours to any big range :-)

Tali said...

Much more affordable and if its like the other models own polishes.. MUCH better quality than chanel!

Amelia said...

i love Models Own :) and theyre nail poplishes are supreme

une tasse said...

I saw this earlier today and was thinking "What an odd name for a nail polish collection". Now I get it....doh

dailypolish said...

i love the thought but they're not really close dupes. so if you are looking for identical dupes then you are out of luck but if you are looking for nail polish that is in the "hey they are sort of in the same colour family" then these will suit you fine! i'm so torn between spending the money and getting the colours i want and just settling on the non dupes but affordable models own!


ModestyBrown said...

I shall definitely be trying one of these as I couldn't get hold of the actual Khaki collection. I love the Car Key idea, so cheeky!

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

Who needs Chanel when you can have models own?! HA!
Great blog!! Love TBAG xx

Joice said...

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tina_mbc said...

Caaahr key? Lol!
They do look better than the Chanel ones tho!



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