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I was asked last Wednesday if I'd like to try the new Moisture Extreme line, specifically aimed at all variations of ethnic hair and created by the 'hair doctor' Phillip Kingsley. By sheer coincidence I was planning to take my braids out on Friday night with the intention of washing it on Saturday so I was only too pleased to give it a try as Phillip Kingsley and his products are well placed in the tricology world and I was curious to see how these new products would work on the very hair they were made for.

Moisture Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner duo as mentioned, has been developed specifically for all varieties of ethnic textured hair, and provides afro, Hispanic and very coarse hair types the nourishment they need. You can also use these products on chemically processed and synthetic hair and extensions.

I'm no stranger to Phillip Kingsley. Occasionally I use his famed Elasticizer Extreme as an intense treatment and when I first began to use it, I quickly familiarised myself with the brand and other products in his range. My own hair (afro), is vulnerable to damage, dryness and breakage if not cared for properly and needs products which leave it feeling moisturised and healthy, and given Phillip Kingsley's reputation I was expecting a lot from Moisture Extreme.

MOISTURE EXTREME SHAMPOO - Designed to effectively clean the hair and remove all styling and conditioning products without stripping the hair of its natural oils. The formula contains a gentle detergent derived from Cocoa Butter to cleanse with a slight foaming action, while conditioning agents make hair manageable, easy to comb and leave the cuticle smooth.
MOISTURE EXTREME CONDITIONER - Contains a blend of moisturising ingredients to nourish and repair the hair. It contains four natural oils including Almond, Wheatgerm, Avocado and Babassu which work to condition the hair without weighing it down. Avocado Oil contains nutrients and proteins that promote nourishment, while Babassu Oil works as a humectant with anti-stattic properties to leave hair soft and shiny.

Well, what can I say? I absolutely love the effect this duo left on my hair. Shampoo & conditioner really aren't products that get me excited, so long as they clean my hair, I don't really pay them any mind.
On Saturday, I managed to blow dry my hair without adding ANY additional products to my hair for the first time EVER and my hair felt amazing. Fast forward two days later and I'm yet to add anything to my scalp with my hair now being back in braids. I just don't need to and I'm shocked by this. I basically washed my hair, dried it and put it back in braids the following day without adding a scrap of grease to my scalp or lotion to my hair shaft.

As far as ingredients go, I'm not an expert on what's hot and what's not and I'm not going to pretend to be. I go by how my hair feels and if it feels great after using a product, then that's GOOD enough for me. For those of you interested though, the following pics are for you:

The shampoo lathered up reasonably well, not excessively, but enough to do its job and rinsed away with ease. With my hair being stuck in braids for the past 5-6 weeks, I felt it needed a treat an added boost, so I dug out my Elasticizer Extreme, which is better suited to afro/coarse hair than the original Elasticizer and left it on for two hours under a clear plastic cap. I then used the conditioner, left it on for a few minutes and rinsed it out.

In the past I've used Elasticizer Extreme and thought the results were "ok", but after using it alongside Moisture Extreme it blew me away. I could literally feel the moisture in my hair and all three products used together gave me brilliant results. By the time I'd finished blow drying, it felt as if I'd already added a light moisturiser to my hair - but I hadn't. My hair was bouncy, light and I could run my fingers through it, without them getting stuck in the middle!

Moisture Extreme has made me reconsider what my hair actually needs and loading it with products isn't the way forward, so you can ignore this post as it's no longer relevant to me or mu current hair styling. I had a clear out of my hair products yesterday and this is the only shampoo and conditioner I'll be using from now on.

Moisture Extreme Shampoo - £14
Moisture Extreme Conditioner - £17

Available to purchase from the Phillip Kingsley website. Click the Trichology tab for great hair advice and tips whilst you're on there too.

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AMAZING! cant wait to use this now =D


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