Revlon Autumn/Winter Suede Rhapsody Collection - Part 1

Revlon's latest collection has now hit the high street and with it comes jewel tones and muted pastels.

Two matte nail polishes feature in this collection, Red Ribbon (Right), a maroon set with silver shimmer and Emerald City (Left) a vibrant forest green, again with subtle shimmer. 

I'm not a fan of matte nail polishes, I'm a creme lover all day, every day and I really struggled with Red Ribbon in particular. Initially it went pretty smoothly, but dragged on my nails as I attempted a second coat, became gloopy and generally looked an absolute mess. 

I put this down to the fact that it dries so quickly, you really need to work fast with this otherwise the brush will drag down the nail bed and make a mess of your application.. Even after removing and reapplying it three times on a couple of nails, it began to look worse and worse and I just gave up - so apologies for the utter STATE of my swatches - there's a reason why you can only see TWO fingers in my Red Ribbon swatch!

I dreaded applying Emerald City after my mishap with Red Ribbon, but in comparison it was a breeze to apply, Two coats were enough to achieve full coverage and I preferred the matte finish in this luscious green which I favoured more than I thought possible! However, with that being said I'm not a matte convert at all. They're just not for me.

Next up is the eye shadow quad, Silver Fox, which comprises of four shades  - an aubergine/maroon, grey, turquoise/mint green and sparkley white. I love the aubergine/maroon shade, which has a subtle gold shimmer in it, it's my favourite of the four and perfect for autumn and smoky eyes.

The shadows blended easily, although I had a lot of fallout from the white shadow, which was also a lttle chalky, as was the soft mint green. The grey and aubergine compliment one really well though and you can easily use this quad for both day and night eye looks which is a plus.

I didn't use a primer when I used this for the first time and within 30 minutes, the grey eye shadow that I had applied to my lid was already wearing away, so a primer's definitely needed if you want your look to last the duration of the day. You can also intensify the colours by wetting them, as you can with a lot of eye shadows. The quad is priced £7.99

What do you think so far? Are you a matte polish lover or hater and are you feelin' Silver Fox?

Stay tuned for the lipsticks ...

13 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Sarah@Glossicious said...

Nail colors look lovely :)

Sharon said...

ur nails r so pretty,lovely colours but I like Emerald city better..I aint feeling e shadows but cant wait to see the lippies

legseleven7 said...

Love the eyeshadow look. You look gorgeous and cute.

Muhsine said...

silver fox looks amazing on you! :) xx

Holly said...

Is it just me or are the eyeshadows pretty random colours compared to the polishes and lippies??

Love Emerald City tho! xx

VexintheCity said...

@Sarah - Glad you like them :-)

@Sharon - Cheers hon. Hopefully you'll like the lippies ;-)

@legseleleven7 - Thank you x

@Muhsine - Thanks honey x

@Holly - Totally random LOL I know jewel tones are big at the moment so I guess they didn't wanna miss out on those but you wouldn't wear them WITH the make up, would you?

jaljen said...

Absolutely love all those looks. You look good enough to eat!

Silver Lips said...

loving those polishes1 Can't wait to see the lippies

liloo said...

this palette is a dream on you. wow!

ShimmerDreamzm (Cassie) said...

The eyeshadows look beautiful on you. The palette seems almost a tad random with the green mixed in but you made it work :D

girlinthecity said...

ooh, I've seen this green on a couple of blogs, and really, really like the look of it - although I never thought I'd buy in to the matte trend.

the eye colours look beautiful on you lady


Karleigh said...

did you swatch them on your foot...? LOL! x

Beautyjunkielondon said...

Love the eye shadow shades!


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