Coming Soon: Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cream Cleanser (For All Skin Types)

It's funny but thinking about it, Korres is the one of the only brands I can think of which has consistently impressed me with its skincare products. Each product that I've tried so far has resulted in a positive experience. I think their skincare products are great!

Following the seven year success of the best selling Milk Proteins 3in1 Cleansing Emulsion. The Milk Proteins Foaming Cream cleanser completes the cleansing collection for all skin types. 

A gentle cream-to-foam cleanser for effective, soap-free cleansing that leaves the skin soft and moisturised. It removes oil, dirt and face and eye make-up without stripping the skin. Milk proteins, rich in lactose and essential aminoacids, offer nourishing properties and form a hydrating layer on the skin by bonding with water molecules. 

A complex of vegetable proteins from Amaranth and Rice soothes and refreshes the skin. The combination of natural cleansing agents and emulsifiers ensures a very mild formula, fully compatible with the eyes and skin.  It sounds promising and I may check this out once I've used up the cleansers I have at the moment.

Available at the end of October and priced £18.00

After my last experience with a cleanser that declared it was suitable for all skin types (Yes Decleor I'm talking to you), I'm a little hesitant about this being of the same "one suits all" variety, but I guess that's something I'd just have to find out for myself.

Are you a Korres fan? By the way how do you pronounce it, "Core-rezz" or "Cores"? I say both depending on whatever falls out of my mouth at the time!!

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Becky said...

I say Kor-ezz! This sounds lovely.

Get Lippie said...

The brand is Greek, so it'll be pronounced Koh-rezz. Short O, long zed sound.

socialitedreams said...

I looooove korres so much! I am buying that cleanser when Sephora has their friends and family sale in a couple of days, CANT WAIT! they are easily my favorite line right now for skincare. The Thyme Honey moisturizer owns my soul


Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

I only have 3 korres products and have just used one, but so far im loving it. Thinking of trying some more products from that brand. Thanks for sharing..


The doll on fashion said...

I've only tried the lip butter and jasmine body butter and loving these so far. I'd like to try their skincare I think.

The doll on fashion

tina_mbc said...

Well, the authentic pronounciation is korEs, it's an s, not a z, as it's a last name (George Korres started the company). The "o" is short, it's not an "oh".

Loving your desription of the cleanser, sounds super gentle and nourishing, would love to try it when it comes out! Btw, I think you guys get Korres stuff sooner than here in Greece, this cleanser is still not out here (to my knowledge)!



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