How to Sweeten Your Mum Up This Christmas ...With a Little Help From Estee Lauder

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation about Estee Lauder cosmetics with Mummy dearest. "Is the christmas gift set out yet?" she asked. "Which one?", I replied. "Oh you know, the one that comes out every year and has EVERYTHING in it - eyeshadows, lipsticks, a case, brushes - everything!"

*Cue me giving my Mum a blank stare* I didn't have a clue what she was talking about.

My Mum buys GWPs (gifts with purchases) regularly, but as I tried in vain to remember the numerous make up bags and freebies I'd seen her use over the years from the likes of Dior, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden et al, I couldn't place this particular Estee Lauder gift set.

Two days later at the Estee Lauder launch for the Pure Color Extravagent by Tom Pecheux Christmas collection , I realised my Mum did in fact know exactly what she was talking about and as a result I now know exactly what to get her this Christmas which will result in her thinking I'm the best daughter ever.

Each year Estee Lauder release The Professional Makeup Artist Color Collection which includes a stash of products and is yours for £49 when you buy any Estee Lauder fragrance. This year it includes:

Four lipsticks
Double ended lipgloss
18 eyeshadow mirrored palette
4 blush palette
4 makeup brushes (with glittery handles)
3 eyeliner pencils
Eye Makeup Remover 
Small makeup bag
Vanity case

These fly off the shelves when released and I still haven't put myself down on the waiting list (must do that tomorrow) at my nearest branch. I just need to decide on which perfume to buy my Mum to accompany it. I quite like Sensuous Noir, so I may buy her that to stop her from nicking mine as she likes heavy, warm scents.

For approx £80 (including a 30ml bottle of perfume) I think this is a great gift for a beauty lover who likes high end cosmetics or deserves a treat. My Mum will love this, and this is guaranteed to get my brownie points for 2011 off to a flying start!

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Vicky said...

I'm not generally that big on Estee Lauder but I received one of these set a couple of years back and was quite impressed with it, eyeshadows were especially nice.

Jo said...

Never mind my mum, I would love this! haha.

jade' said...

I've always wondered about the quality of these items. I mean my Cleanser and Toner from EL costs £48.. It makes me feel sick writing that down lol!! Would your mum be able to shed a little light on the quality? :)x

Amina said...

Lol at JO!!! same thing here, I was like oh wooow! this is very nice!!!
aaw...mummy vex in the city loves makeup too <3

VexintheCity said...

@Vicky - They're doing their best to shed that 'Mumsy' image they'd have for so long. Glad you liked the set, good to hear. This will be my Mum's main present so I hope she likes it, she's been banging on about it enough!

@Jo - Your comment had me cracking up LOL

@Jade - I have some eye shadows, I'll review them for you. My Mum doesn't have one of the sets now, but the generally their eye shadows are pretty good, I know that much.

@Amina - LOL Ok let's forget our Mums and grab one for ourselves instead! LOL Yeah Mama Vex is very much into make up and skincare, that's where I get it from LOL

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

I wish my mom liked fun stuff!!! Any beauty related gifts get passed/stolen from me later b/c she doesn't use them.

Jenny9119999 said...

I have purchased this and have a YT video of me unboxing it. I have had many of these collections over the years and have never been disappointed but this one is the best ever!!


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