Illamasqua - The Brand Film

Illamasqua has fast become known as a brand that brings the art of make up to the high street and into the hands of those who want to accentuate their look, stand out and defect from the safe every day shades that many of us seek comfort in.

I'll be the first to admit that whilst knowing that Illamasqua were 'different' from most of the other make up brands, I couldn't tell you 'their story' if you were waving the Euromillions winning ticket in my face! Continuing the theme of celebrating all things British, Illamasqua have enlisted the help of Vicky McClure, star of This is England '86 - recently shown on Channel 4, to star in a series of films for Illamasqua, the brand film being the second.

I watched it from beginning to end and think it sums up the history and story behind the Illamasqua brand perfectly. I've always known Illamasqua were 'different' and now I know exactly why.

See for yourself...

You can watch the first film, 'Poem' starring Vicky here .

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Dhalia said...

I actually watched the entire video...its interesting esp if you're a mu lover.



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