Korres Body Butters - Revisted

I've tried these before, and you can check out my original review here.

Since trying Korres Jasmine body butter, I've tried a couple more scents and so this is a brief post delivering my thoughts on them. The quality's still exactly how I remember it. Luxe, rich and which without a doubt transforms your skin into a silky canvas. Korres body butters moisturise really well and priced at £12.50 each, I don't think they'll leave you filing for bankruptcy should you decide to treat yourself.

Having originally tried Jasmine, I picked Vanilla Plum and Yoghurt to see if I preferred these scents.

VANILLA PLUM: I love the smell of vanilla, but unfortunately it's pretty scarce in this moisturiser. The plum aroma again isn't very dominant in the way you'd expect it to be and it's a spicy plum as opposed to a sweet plum scent that meets your nostrils. It wouldn't smell out of place at Christmas where we're treated to warm, spicy wafts reminiscent of frankincense and similar aromas. I'm sat firmly on the fence with Vanilla Plum. I'm not so sure I want to smell like this from head to toe as it can become heavy. I still use it but tend to use it on my legs where my nose can't catch a strong whiff of it.

YOGHURT: Hmmm well it doesn't smell like yoghurt that's for sure. It's a little powdery, kinda sweet, but not sickeningly so. In fact I find this very hard to describe. I think I like it, I don't dislike it - I just need to get used to it. I like using this after a shower or bath in the evenings but I'm unlikely to layer this on first thing in the morning, even though the scent becomes much lighter within an hour of applying it.

Korres Body Butters are available in the following flavours:

Vanilla Plum, Quince, Kumquat, Fig, Jasmine, Yoghurt, Japanese Rose and Guava. All contain Shea Butter, however each body butter contains its own unique active ingredients. 

I think Korres should perhaps try their hand at making 'less exotic' sounding scents in this line as the ones I've tried are all a bit 'too cool for school' for me. If they made good old shea butter or coconut body butters with the same gorgeous, rich texture I'd buy them by the bucketload!

Have you tried Korres body butters? If so, what's your favourite scent? 

You can buy Korres from Zuneta.com, Bathandunwind.com, Selfridges and John Lewis.

4 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Shortiee31 said...

Yoghurt sounds the most appealing to me! Might have to check that one out :)

tina_mbc said...

I 've tried Quince and Guava recently (and possibly Fig some time ago), and I like Quince the most!
Yes, I agree with you, it does seem like they 're trying a little too hard to be exotic sometimes, but their formula is so good, that I 'd rather be extra scented than get sth from another brand!

Who knows, maybe they 'll hear your wishes, I for sure wouldn't mind a coconut one! :)


Imo said...

Ive been wanting to try the lip butters for ages, which one is your fave?

VexintheCity said...

@tina_mbc - I'm gonna have a sniff of Quince. Yes! Coconut would be gorgeous from them - fingers crossed.

@Imo - Lip butters were okay. I have a review of one (can't remember which flavour now). I prefer Burts Bees Chap stick as I'm not overly keen on sticking my fingers in my lip balms.


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