The Nail Files: NARS Mash Nail Polish

Check out this beauty by NARS which is part of the current limited edition Vintage Nail Polish Collection, currently being sold in Selfridges. Mash is an army green infused with gold and in my opinion is hands down, the best shade of the lot!

It can look quite dull in bad lighting but looks stunning when caught in sunlight and you can really see the gold that runs through it. If you own the gorgeous MAC Seriously Hip (Style Black), then in comparison, this is less shimmery.

I'm not so keen on the formula, which is very thin. Two coats got me the finish shown in the photos. I prefer my polishes a little thicker when applying them, but the finished look makes up for it.
A beautiful colour for A/W which will sex up an all black outfit and add a bit of oomph!

How much does it cost? £13
Where can I buy it from? Selfridges, Space NK

8 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Jo said...

I want!

Sherrie said...

Lovely Colour! x

ModestyBrown said...

That's lovely. I do wonder whether I could pull it off with my colouring? I really like the look of this one and Zulu.

Mouldy Fruit said...

I love it on you.. I did a post on it a while back, the colour doesnt look as good on me as it does on your nails GIRRLLL.. DAYMN!Lol.. I got in to trouble because I put them out on the shopfloor a month too early! HAHA ;) you know how we do! xxx

Sana said...

I want want want! Love this colour on you! xx

VexintheCity said...

Thank you!
@Jo - LOL

@Sherrie - It really is!

@Modestybrown - Yeah, you can. It'll look very sophisticated against pale skin. Don't shy away from it.

@Mouldyfruit - Cheers love. Haha trust you to put it out a month early, you joka!

@Sana - Thank you. Go grab it!

liloo said...

look a liiiiiiiiiiiitle bit like shrek's poo in the shade but omg, once in the sunlight, it looks like it's been kissed by a frog and all the beauty comes out. looks great on your skin tone x

G.L.A.M. Chic said...

That's a pretty color.


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