New Sleek Shimmer Blushes - Photos + Swatches

Sleek have released a new shimmer blusher collection which is a trio of three very different shades which aim to give a glow to the dullest of complexions. No doubt these will come in handy over the upcoming winter months. Being the blush fiend I am, I made it my business to check them out and see what all the fuss was about.

Rose Gold - A gorgeous gold/apricot/pinky duochrome shimmer blush. This makes the most gorgeous highlighter and really compliments tanned and darker skin tones. When I swatched it initially, I thought it may be slightly ashy, but when I wore it, it looked amazing on my NC50 skintone even if I do say so myself! I've already teamed this with Pomegranate and it looks hot, hot, HOT!! This looks like an intense version of MAC Style. The shimmer in this is just beautiful.

Pomegranate - A pretty shimmer blush with pink undertones. It has the least gold shimmer in it out of the three, In fact the shimmer is really more pink based. It gives a lovely flush of colour which will look stunning on those cold, crisp winter days. Pretty in pink? You will be wearing this on your chops! This is quite pigmented, but you can easily control its density and it builds up into a natural finish.

Sunrise - This warm bronzey blush with brown/red undertones and gold shimmer is pretty subtle on my skin tone (well I think so anyway) and I have to be a bit firm when applying it to get it to show up as vibrantly as I'd like. When the finish I want is achieved, it gives my cheeks a nice glow but I feel as if something is missing. I think I'm gonna team this with MAC Raizin next time to give it a little more depth.

They're not buttery soft in texture, but they're certainly not bad in terms of quality.The shimmer in them isn't chunky, nor does it feel gritty on the skin which is impressive considering how cheap they are. You can also build up the intensity of colour without looking like you have two harsh strips across your face as they blend really well. If you're a lighter skin tone, don't be scared of how bright or dense they appear in the pan, you can rock all three shades if you use a light hand, they're not as pigmented as say, NARS blushes.

They're lovely shades, which I would recommend, BUT I have one major gripe with them which I have to mention. I CANNOT for the life of me open them up without using a pair of tweezers!!! Seriously, I struggled to open them for a good 10 minutes before I grabbed a pair of tweezers and managed to pop them open. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has this problem. I have to use tweezers every time I want to open them! Packaging fail!!!

My favourite shade is a toss up between Rose Gold and Pomegranate. They both create different effects but are gorgeous both together and on their own. Expect to see them both in my next FOTD post shortly.

How much are they? £3.99 each
Where can I get them from? Superdrug,

17 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Computergirl said...

I love the look of these. I think the one might be similar to another one I have at the moment. Shame about the opening though! xx

Tali said...

I need rose gold!

The Postcolonial Rabbit said...

I so agree about the packaging! Have chipped a nail and got a nail dent in one in the process, very annoying.

I'm so glad you raised the pigmentation issue re Sunrise - when I swatched it it came out really well, but I struggled with it on my cheeks and felt a bit confused. I ended up pairing it with MAC's Cheery creme blush (RIP) which did work really well. But loving Rose Gold and Pomegranate.

From swatches in shops, I think Pomegranate's a good dupe for MAC's Breezy and Sunrise a less pigmented Ambering Rose. What say you, oh Queen of Blushes? :) x

Karleigh said...

mmmmmmmm I'm trying to stay away from shimmer, it just doesn't do me any favours but I like the look of Pomegranate!

VexintheCity said...

@Computergirl - Yeah they're nice, but damn the packaging is a pain in the a**!

@The Postcolonial Rabbit - VERY annoying! Did they not have prototypes before putting them on the shelves??

Re: Sunrise, at first I thought it was cos I was applying it in artificial light, and maybe the light was washing it out but I stood by the window and it barely showed up. Oooooh Cheery!!! I dunno what MAC were on when they discontinued that! I LOVE Cheery! Nice combo - I'll try that.

Hmmm not sure about Sunrise/thiAmbering Rose. I'll compare over the wkend. I don't own breezy, but you may be right if the swatches I've seen of it are the right ones I have in my head right now LOL

@Karleigh - The shimmer isn't too in your face, they give a nice sheen and it's not disco ball like at all. They give a nice glow and apply lightly until you build the pigment intensity up yourself.

The Natural Fashionista said...

These blushes are so pretty-I really have to purchase the ones I do not have! Great review:-)

Georgina said...

Sleek are really impressing me at the moment - from what I've tried their quality always seem to exceed their low price tag and these look to be the same. I'll definitely have to have a look next time I'm in Superdrug!

Stephanie said...

I also bought those 3 today as well, rose gold is GORRRRRRRRRGEOUS!!!

Stephanie said...

Also...the packaging is ridiculous. It took me nearly 5 minutes to open the damn thing!

Mocha Mish Mash said...

Pomegrante looks lovely.

Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

Pomegranate looks gorgeous, I'm off on the hunt for that Barry M polish today so I'm going to make sure I come home with both.

Kelly said...

I had the exact same problem with the packaging, I literally struggled for ten minutes trying to open the stupid things! It's weird because I don't have the same problem with the matte ones I have.

Great post :) Will be sure to link to it when I post my swatches :)

Kelly x

missy_ellie_uk said...

I love the look of Pomegranate. I saw these in store the other day and thought they looked a bit too dark (I'm pretty pale) - I might give them a second look if they are buildable though.

Munchies on the Move said...

Absolutely love them!!

mel said...

i bought rose gold the other day it really is pretty, haha i spent about 30 mins trying to open it. i think im going to my pomegranate too x

Kaushal - BeautyFulfilled said...

I'm LOVING the sunrise colour!! I've never tried a purple blush out but after seeing this I deffo have to give it a go :)

Kaushal xx

SoFrolushes said...

Thanks to this post I went and bought two. Sunrise and Rose Gold. I love the look of Pomegranate but I am scared I will look like a black girl with blush on instead of glowing. I really need to step out of my blushing shadows. Though now that I have rose gold I wonder if it compares effect wise to taj Mahal. ooooh. any excuse to shop.

If you do do a FOTD with Pomegranate I may change my mind.


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