£83,000 for a Bottle of Nail Polish?! Yes, it's Models Own Gold Rush.

Models Own launched its Gold Rush nail polish with an accompanying price tag of a whopping £83,000! Currently being showcased at pricey jewellers Frost of London and hailed the world's most expensive nail polish, Gold Rush is being made strictly to order - just as well as I can't see it 'rushing' (pun intended) off the shelves for that price, no matter how pretty it looks.

So what's so special abut this nail polish to warrant its absurd price tag? Model own say:

 At £83,000, Gold Rush is no ordinary nail polish.  When painted on the nails it looks like gold leaf – it glistens and glimmers and actually sparkles as if it contains tiny diamonds, yet is absolutely smooth to the touch.  The exquisite gold lid is hand-crafted from a solid ingot of yellow gold, and weighs nearly 4 ounces. A total of 1,118 diamonds have been precisely inset weighing over 14 carats of 'collection' VVS quality and colours D, E and F.  Long lasting and easy to apply, the weight of the gold and diamond encrusted lid makes nail painting a doddle – even after a few glasses of Cristal.

Hmm applies like Gold Leaf eh? Dare I suggest that you check out Rococo Gold Leaf
Laquer for the same effect, minus the diamonds which is available from Space NK? International readers can also check out Sephora's Only Gold For Me topcoat

For those of us (that'll be 99.9% of those reading this blog post then), who don't have a spare £83,000 to waste spend on this golden nugget, Models Own will be releasing Gold Rush Ready to Wear in Boots on February 23rd 2011 for a more believable £5.

Needless to say that even if I did have the money, it certainly wouldn't be going on a diamond encrusted nail polish bottle! How about you?

11 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

legseleven7 said...

Oh how the other half live.

blazeno.8 said...

That's funny. Aren't they the ones with the Chanel knock offs? Is this their attempt to go after Deborah Lippmann too?

Kelsey said...

As much as I like make up and cosmetics, I feel like 83,000 is so much money, it could be put to so much better use if given to charity than wasted on a bottle.

VexintheCity said...

@Legseleven7 - Anybody who buys this deserves a slap.

@Blazeno 8 - Yeah, exactly. They make such a fuss about producing cheaper dupes and saving money, then go and pull this stunt. I'd expect this nonsense from the high end brands, not a brand sold in Boots!

@Kelsey - I totally agree.

Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Is that price for REAL? To be honest, I'm a little disgusted!


Ali said...

that's simply ridiculous! a bit' amusing too!

Wande's World said...

what really happened is that one of the workers diamond ring fell in the production of the nail varnish, and to raise the money back, she propose this absurd idea. Thats the only way i can make sense of this noonsense. £83,000 my back foot, that a blooming house for goodness sake, dont they know were in a recession

Sher said...

why would I want to spend that much money on a nail polish..this is just pure madness

Belle Du Jour said...

HAHAAH wow! WTF! WHo would actually spend that?!?

Joy said...

So it's not actually the nail POLISH that's making expensive, just the lid?!?! That's craaaaaazy - why would anyone buy that?!


Fashion Bandit said...

Completely insane. And what are you mean to do when you finish the bottle tie a piece of string round the lid and wear it? Publicity stunt if I ever saw one. x


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