Can't Live Without You ...Hugo Boss Deep Red.

We all have that special fragrance that embodies a thousand memories, which transports you back in time, that makes you turn with a sudden jolt when somebody walks past wearing it, that you repurchase over and over again. Ok, you get my drift.

Hugo Boss Deep Red is the scent that has that hold over me. I will never tire of this perfume - ever. My love affair with it started about 7 years ago, and as soon as I ran out I repurchased it straight away. It was love at first sniff and holds so many happy memories for me.

Launched in 2001, Hugo Boss Deep Red oozes sex appeal. It makes me feel sultry, confident and fiery whenever I wear it. The perfect evening fragrance, but I wear this during the day too as I just can't get enough of it. Warm and sensual, but not so heavy that it totally leaves you gasping for breath, Hugo Boss Deep Red is a gorgeous mix of vanilla orchid, freesia and fruity notes as well as spicy amber-esque notes. It easily lasts all day on me and I've received endless compliments over the years whenever I've worn it.

Go and smell it if you're not familiar with it. My written words do it no justice whatsoever.

What's the one fragrance you can't live without?

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une tasse said...

Hugo Boss have really nice perfumes. My friend wears this. My can't live without scent is Lancome Miracle.

Brittany Love said...

I wear this on a daily basis! I actually have to repurchase the 90ml over and over again. Luckily my boyfriend bought me this last Christmas, which saved me quite a bit!

I've worn this for 7 years, and will continue to wear Hugo Deep Red until I'm old and severely wrinkled!

It's truly a beauty! Great post xxx

Layna said...

I like Deep Red as well, such a lovely fragrance :)

My favourite favourite can't live without it think I'm addicted to it is Chanel Coco mademoiselle :) I've worn it for a few years now and always repurchase :) xx

gyc said...

the scent i love is Daisy by Marc Jacobs. i definitely want to get my hands on a bottle of that!

Sher said...

I would love to get me some Hugo Boss soon. My all time fave is Miss Dior Cherie


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