Do NOT get me started ...Chanel cotton wool pads

First of all the House of Chanel can be forgiven if they think I have a personal vendetta against them. Far from it as I'd love to find a 2.55 under the Christmas tree this year (a girl can dream). However if you insist on producing nonsensical products, then I will take it upon myself to comment on them. 

My last rant was aimed at their tacky, faux tatoos which I thought were a complete waste of time and money intended for those who have nothing better to do with that paper gracing the queens head in their wallets.

Until last week I had no idea that this Summer, they had produced limited edition cotton wool pads embossed with their infamous interlocking C's logo, for sale in the U.S. 

Erm why?!

Like many, I like designer bags and shoes but I'm not one of those people who'll pay over the odds for mundane everyday items just because a brand has slapped its name or logo all over it.

WHO in the name of Bronze Universal is going to hand over $20 (approx £13) a time for 100 pads. I don't know about you but I go through cotton wool pads, like I do clean knickers! I use them daily and I'd go through 100 pads in no time. Apparently Chanel le Coton (you have to laugh at the attempt to make cotton wool sound glamorous), will change the way you look at cotton wool pads (I doubt it), as the 3 layer pads are made with selected cotton flowers from Australia and Egypt, which are so delicate they can only be picked by hand *yawn*. Ok then. Le Coton where have you been all my life?! Not.

Chanel le Coton *side eye*

Personally, my favourite cotton pads are the large double sided ones I regularly purchase from Tesco. I'm surprised Chanel haven't claimed their pads contain collagen plumping properties.I guess that's the next limited edition version in the pipeline.

I can't get my head around their latest effort to fleece more money from the dumb and dumbers of the world who either can't afford something substantial from Chanel so will make do with this nonsense or are so shallow, they delusionally associate some sort of status with owning Chanel cotton wool pads. Even if I was stupid enough to spend £13 on cotton pads I wouldn't even WANT to use them to wipe my make up off my face, I'd frame them! After all they ARE Chanel, why would I want to throw them in the BIN?!

So what next Chanel? It has to be toilet paper right? Fake tattoos, cotton wool ..yeah it's gotta be toilet paper. What a load of sh*t!

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PoorCollegeStudent said...

lmao! I have been disgusted with the mundane stuff chanel has produced, what chanel fan would actually use a chanel football or tennis racket? Consumerism has really been getting to me lately.

♥akisa♥ said...

I think there must be some people out there that have run out of ways to spend their money!! Or purchase items just to prove they can.. As for me I'm sticking to my el cheapo supermarket ones

VexintheCity said...

@Poorcollegestudent - They have a football and tennis racket? *pauses* LOL

@akisa - Tell me about it!

Georgia said...


Gigi said...

couldn't agree more with this review :D why the helllll would i wanna throw my chanel stuff in the bin!?

Shopcoholic said...

LOL that's too much for a pack of cotton pads!

Kristen said...

This is the most ridiculous thing ever! lol Why would I spend that much money on something you just throw away after a lot of use?

blazeno.8 said...

This review is awesome!

SilhouetteScreams said...

HAHAHAHA oh dear. The sad thing is that Chanel toilet paper would make more sense than cotton wool pads :|

Mrs Hirons said...

I'm going to buy you some for Christmas. Cotton wool I mean.
From Superdrug - 3 for 2.
And some Chanel skis.

Sher said...

haha how very funny but crazy,great review hun and I absolutely agree with everythn u said

Ola said...

How very bloody true! I rolled my eyes till they started to hurt when I first saw those in a mag. Ridiculous is an understatement.

Can't wait for the limited edition loo roll. Loo Papier de Chanel! Paper that's made of orange trees just after their first blossom or whatnot...

Amina said...


Karleigh said...


I want them though.

Amina said...

i have to admit my first thought when i read about this was 'madness'! they must be having a laugh
amina x

tina_mbc said...

Bless you, this was exactly what I needed, I hadn't heard of a good joke all day!
Chanel Le Cotton...???? LMFAO!!!! :DDD
What in heaven's name were they thinking???


Ali said...

i think it's sets a poor overall look on the company. it should be more about beautiful clothes, then slapping a logo on something making it sell. it disapoints me.

Joy said...

That is insane - what is the world coming too... first Chanel cotton wool pads, now 83k gold nail polish... WHAT NEXT?!

I reeeeeeally hope there aren't actually people out there stupid enough to buy these things.

To quote my mum "don't you know there's starving kids in the world?"

Spend your money better people!

So it's not actually the nail POLISH that's making expensive, just the lid?!?! That's craaaaaazy - why would anyone buy that?!

Aysh said...

loooool!! hahaha I love reading your posts huny, always put a smile on my face :) You are sooo right, if I WAS insane enough to purchase these I would bloody frame them too! lol! found some perfectly lovely cotton pads in Primarni the other day for....£1.00! Haha, think I'll stick to them thnx, they do the job just fine... ;) lol!

Aysh xoxo


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