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A few months ago I attended the UK launch for Edward Bess' make up line hosted by Zuneta.com, which until recently had only been available exclusively in New York's Bergdorf Goodman - pretty impressive for a line that launched in 2006.

Not one to beat around the bush, as always I'm gonna give my honest opinion. I thought the build up to the launch was incredibly hyped, so I was left feeling rather disappointed when I finally saw the collection in person. The products l viewed were nice, but dare I say rather ordinary. I don't think the products high price tags are justifiable, but I 'get' that it's been marketed as a high end brand from day one and will appeal to somebody, somewhere.

Overall I found the collection pretty dull and far too 'safe' for my liking mainly consisting of nudes and pinks which can be duped ten times over and then some. I suspect this is why it's taken me well over 4 months to compose my thoughts on it.

My favourite products from the line were the Compact Rouge blushes (no surprise there), which are available in three shades:
After Sunset - Warm bronzey rose
Love Affair - Watermelon pink
Island Rose - Hot flush

How all three blushers will look worn on the cheeks, swatched on MAC NC50 skin

If (a big if) I ever end up buying anything from this line, it will be one (maybe two) of these. They apply so smoothly and transform into a super silky finish despite being a cream blush - actually, they're almost gel like. I was really impressed by the finish which is fantastic quality - and I should think so too, given the price of them! There's no trace of that sticky tackiness which is often associated with cream blushes. Bess has the formula for these on lock and I truly thought these were a beautiful product.

You only need a small amount to make an impact on the cheek (or lips - they're multi purpose) so they'd last you months. However they ARE expensive, priced at £30 each. I love blusher, but even I'm not prepared to hand over that kind of money for it. I'd be happy to snap these up on sale - or even better, be presented with them as a gift (well Christmas IS coming up!) but I'm reluctant to pay full whack for them.

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7 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Ellen Miguel said...

Amei o After sunset.

Sher said...

never heard of the brand before hun but thanx for shring will check it out

ModestyBrown said...

I agree that these were the products that really stood out. The texture is lovely. I have two of these now and wear After Sunset a lot.
Jane x

Alex said...

Thanks for your review! I've heard a ton about Edward Bess, but have been really hesitant to purchase anything because I've only seen it swatched on very pale women. After Sunset is beautiful, it's too bad the rest of the line doesn't really stand out.

Alex said...

£30 is kind of an insane price to pay for a cream blush. They are only $38 in the US. I'd recommend having an American friend send you one.

VexintheCity said...

@Sher - No worries. Remember to use my discount code if you want to treat yourself!

@ModestyBrown - Yeah, they're the only thing worth looking at IMO.

@Alex - You're welcome. I've only seen his products swatched on pale skin too so glad this post was useful for you. Currently stateside at the moment and they work out to be approx £25 ..still too expensive IMO, but I dunno. I might treat myself to one. We'll see..

tina_mbc said...

The finish sounds amazing, will definitely keep these in mind!!!
Great post girl!



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