Eyeko: Fat Balms

Until recently I've been a stranger to the cosmetics that Eyeko sell. If I'm entirely honest Eyeko doesn't even come in the top 15 brands that initially come to mind when I want to purchase make up. I've always had the misconception that they didn't produce anything suitable for my skin tone - with the exception of their nail polishes

I was pleasantly surprised to find that their multi-purpose Fat Balms which come in a variety of scents are actually better than I thought they'd be. These blush sticks offer a sheer wash of colour that aren't sticky (certainly not to the extent I imagined them to be) and are a decent option to the traditional powder blush. I also don't mind the sweet, sugary scents as I got used to them after a few applications.

Alternatively they also act as a tinted lip balm when applied to the lips too, and don't leave your lips stripped of moisture - always a bonus!

I've worn these a few times and they're okay. They didn't last ALL day on me, instead fading considerably by 3pm but I don't mind reapplying them once. Three dabs on each cheek leave enough colour and I find them easy to blend. For the price you can't complain and I actually prefer them to Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Cheek Tints which are quite greasy in comparison - and also not multi-purpose.

Available in six scents, Strawberry, Raspberry, Toffee, Minty, Cherry and Frosting you can find these in Superdrug and powderrooms for £6 a pop.

Check them out on the Eyeko site here

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birminghamlady said...

I just ordered a Fat Balm today (and three eyeliners) and i am sooo excited, can hardly wait for them to arrive! :P

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Thanks for this, your swatches are very useful as most folk have just been posting lip swatches. Both look and sound lovely!

VexintheCity said...

@Birminghamlady - Enjoy your order :-)

@Beauty's Bad Habit - My pleasure, glad they were useful x

Soraya said...

The raspberry would look really nice on you, it's a lovely shade!

I'm sorry but I'm going to have to add that they're available at http://www.powderrooms.com too!

Melly said...

I have Cherry, loving it :) It's the perfect red for me :)


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