An Accidental Discovery: Boots Nourishing Eye Make Up Remover

I went to pick up my trusty Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover last week but it had sold out - no surprise there, it's a damn good product. Visits to two more branches resulted in the same outcome. Somewhat disgruntled at this point, I asked a sales assistant if there were any more bottles out the back - there wasn't (well there probably were but she couldn't be assed to go and check for me - so who knows!).

She did however, suggest that I try their organic version. At first glance I was hesitant, I prefer to use liquids to remove my eye make up, not milky cleansers or oils. I was desperate though, so caved in and bought it.

Boots Botanics describe it as:

"A luxurious eye make up remover that melts into the skin, easily removing eye make up and leaving skin cleansed, smooth and velvety soft."

I was fully prepared for my mascara removal to be an utter disaster that evening, but instead I was left pleasantly surprised. It comes in the form of a light gel-like balm in a squeezy tube. The easiest way I've found to apply it, is to rub it between my fingertips to warm/melt the product. It goes on smoothly and does feel luxurious in a calming spa-like kinda way I suppose.

Rubbing it over my eyes is a painless experience - no stinging or cloudy vision and I'm able to open my eyes and blink to my hearts content before rinsing it off. I've also wiped it off using a damp cotton wool pad or muslin cloth and have achieved the same results. I'd say 97% of my mascara is removed first time - and that's with a massaging time of approximately 12 seconds. I massage firmly, but not vigorously or in a rough manner. If I feel I need to, I'll apply a smaller amount a second time just to ensure every last scrap of eye make up is gone.

I'm impressed at how effective this is, despite it being so gentle it dissolves mascara and eye liner quickly and to date it's caused no irritation or dryness around my eyes.

Ingredients are few - all this contains is olive oil, jojoba seed oil, glycerin, water, sucrose stearate and sucrose myristate, so no weird chemicals provoking any weird reactions. I'd imagine its the oils that do the main job breaking down and dissolving the make up. 

I'm yet to try this on a waterproof mascara so can't comment on how well it works on that formula, but if you're looking for an eye make up remover to use in the shower/bath then this is a product to consider. 

I should find that sales assistant and thank her for the recommendation!

How much is it? £3.99
Where can I find it? Boots

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

LilyLipstick said...

I bought this a few months ago out of curiousity and it's pretty good - I have really sensitive eyes and this doesn't irritate them at all. x

Sher said...

sounds great hun,thanx for review will check it out

Sophie said...

Oooh, interesting! I will give it a try :)

LiisK said...

SHall you keep this or revert back to the original product? which one is better?

Joy said...

Yes - which one is better?


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