Illamasqua Black Beauty Masterclass + NEW Illamasqua Foundation ..Coming Soon!

I attended a free Illamasqua masterclass back in October, at their new flagship store in Soho, which focused on beauty for black skin. It was refreshingly informative and I felt privileged to have such informal access to David Horne, make up artist and Ilamasqua's New Product Developer.

David played host and entertained us for two hours as he shared tips and wisdom on his experiences with black beauty, with a few laughs thrown in for good measure. I was quite intrigued by a technique he shared, which resulted in him using a bright orange lip/eye pencil to shade the skin around the mouth, before applying foundation over the top. 

This skin brightening technique is used by professionals to bright black skin and dispel pigmentation. In this instance it was used to create a sharper finish around the mouth area.

You can view David demonstrating the skin brightening technique at the masterclass here:

Fellow Illamasqua artists Stacy and Bolanle also demonstrated two looks on the model for the night - pastel eyes and a bold lip colour. 

David also allowed us to have an exclusive sneak peak of Illamasqua's new foundation, which he swears will blow every other formula out of the water. I left with the impression that this has been formulated to question the ability of every other "HD" foundation on the market.

It's due for release in March, having been pushed forward from it's planned Autumn/Winter 2011 release and will feature 18 shades - six for asian and black skin tones. Its name has not been finalised yet.

A lot of work appears to have gone into the thought process behind the chosen shades and I'm quite impressed with how dedicated the Ilamasqua team are in pleasing all their customers, ensuring that all skin tones are covered and that the colours/pigments that are chosen to represent darker skin tones are the best they can possibly be i.e not too red or too yellow toned - or an all too familiar issue, too ashy.

We had a look at the official prototypes and whilst they may be tweaked again - these are the current six shades they've come up with for darker skin tones. David used the liquid foundation on the model featured in the video and it did look pretty flawless. She had pretty amazing skin to begin with, but the foundation polished it off to perfection.

Illamasqua have created a number of darker foundation shades and scaled them down to six.

Coverage appeared to be medium, although it can be built up without fear of it appearing cakey. I imagine more information will surface on this soon. I'm looking forward to its imminent release!

***By the way, Illamasqua make up artist Stacy Okafor, has been commissioned as the 4Beauty expert on black and asian skin. You can find beauty tutorials, product recommendations and much more on the website***

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Abimars said...

Thanks so much for this, I was at the Sam Fine class and David was there and mentioned the orange pencil technique in passing it's great to actually see it demonstrated

Tanisa O Rossi said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. This is refreshing news. :)

jaljen said...

That lipstick on that model is just brilliant.

SoFrolushes said...

Sounds good. Its nice to see more major high end brands including all skin shades in their products. Though judging from the prototypes they may have benefited from one more darker shade. The orange pencil technique sounds good though I bet I will get it wrong if I tried it.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Great post! I'm excited for the new foundation shades, because I'm going to force my Indian friend to go get colour matched at a counter here :)


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