Sephora Precision Pore Cleansing Pad

After using my latest facial brush to within an inch of its life, I was on the look out for a suitable replacement. I've been a faithful user of facial brushes for years now and although it's quite likely that I'm gonna purchase a Clarisonic if Santa, my parents choose to ignore the blatant hints I've been dropping over the past few days, being the bargain hunter that I am, I wanted to exhaust all other options first.

So whilst browing a couple of weeks ago, trying to decide what to waste my money on next, I came across the Precision Pore Cleansing Pad - described as a flexible, silicone pad which helps to gently exfoliate the skin and clean pores, the rave reviews on got me pretty excited. I just had to buy this, it sounded too good to be true and even better, it only cost $5!

A day later, it was mine. In hindsight, I wish it wasn't.

First of all, I don't need to own a Clarisonic in order to know that the reviewer who likened this TO the Clarisonic was talking out of their lipglossed a**!

Since returning from New York my skin has been a total nightmare. A long haul flight combined with a weeks worth of late nights and early starts has left me looking ravaged. My skin is the driest it's been in forever and I'm currently sporting a delightful rash on my forehead caused by lord knows what (perhaps the change in climate, I dunno). I was hoping this would offer it some much needed exfoliation without aggravating it further. How wrong was I ...

This is nothing more than a piece of rubber with bristles that fails to cleanse my skin properly. Its performance is further hindered by the awkward handle which is difficult to grasp with a firm grip once it gets wet. I'm at a loss as to why this has been rated so highly by Sephora customers. It swirled my cleanser around my face pathetically, failing to lift dirt or dead skin cells and basically did nothing to enhance my cleansing experience.

Do yourself a favour the next time you're in Sephora and spot this, don't pick it up! There's a reason why it's so cheap.

Has anybody else tried this?

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Aysh said...

this brush seems to be very similar to the one that comes with Loreal's Perfect Clean face wash? Your right, I found it useless! If anything it made my skin kinda patchy? Ive been hearing so much about the Clarisonic lately (a bit late I know!) But just gasped when I saw the price!! I couldn't believe it, the main reason being because I think I actually have a dupe of it that cost me a quarter of the price! It was an impulse buy which I totally forgot about the moment I got it but think I'm gonna go dig it out & see if it compares. I bought it from Youthful Essences in a kit? Check it out if ya like hun? Its on their website :)

Aysh xoxo

Kat said...

This looks similar to the 'scrublet' which comes with the L'Oreal soap cleansers. I do like mine for lathering up the soap on my face, but I wouldn't pay $5 for it separately! I was in Miami recently and picked up a little face brush in Sephora which has a handle. It looks lie the Body Shop one (which is handle-less and so not easy to use) but is much softer on the skin. Clarisonic is on my list too!

Carressa said...

I used one of these when I used Loreals 360 cleanser and it was also pointless for me. It did absolutely nothing to exfoliate my skin.

LilyLipstick said...

This looks really similar to the Soap & Glory mitt. I have a love/hate relationship with the mitt, sometimes I think its helping to declog my skin and other times I feel like it does nothing or just aggravates it.
Thanks for the review on this - probably one to avoid, even more so if you have the S&G mitt or L'Oreal scrublet.
I would love Santa to bring me the Clarisonic too - hope you wake up to find one in your stocking on Xmas morning :) x

Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

I have seen so many of these for sale on Ebay and althought I really hoped it would work, I could tell by looking at it that it wouldn't, I can't understand how a bit of plastic like this is meant to clear your pores etc..

My skin has really been playing up recently and as we both have similar skin, I'll tell you what I used (as a one off) which worked. The Liz Earle gentle doesn't feel like it's doing much at the time (I used it at night) but in the morning my skin was already on the road to recovery. I used it three nights in a row and it went back to normal.


farah said...

Since u're having rashes on ur forehead, dont use any kinda scrubs or any kinda buffing tools as it will aggravate the rashes n breakouts more.Use an antiseptic gel or calamine lotion on the brekakouts.I read on one demr blog that sensitive skin should be only exfoliated gentle wt an exfoliation mask or cream once in 2 weeks. followed this and my skin never breakout or irritated after doing this way.Before that I used to use scrubs twice a week which it cleaned too much and left my skin irritated.As for the record, I used Caudalie gentle buffing cream.

Karleigh said...

It looks just like the Soap & Glory one, which I hated! It didn't do anything, I'm just sticking with my body shop face brush, it's awesome!


Emily Anne said...

I bought this a while ago. About the handle you place it between your fingers, this is for light exfoliation. I have a Clarisonic, but they are two completely different products for two different things. I AGREE Whoever compared the twoand said the pore pad is off their train as far as cleansing goes! :P good post!

Tina said...

Just like the girls said, it's identical to the L'Oreal scrublet, which I don't really use either (kinda irks me why they'd add a scrubbing tool to an already pretty strong cleanser in the first place)!


antithesis said...

i guess enough people were interested in being able to purchase that loreal 360 clean rubber pad separately from the wash that sephora thought they could handle it. seems like they failed that mission.

BFB said...

I was going to say that looks like a scrublet, but everyone beat me to it... Go for the Clarisonic! It will change your life. Or your face's life, at least. My review, if you need to be convinced.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Awwh it looks like the L'oreal scrublet (as others have pointed out) but I actually liked that XD

V said...

I bought it and I love it. You do have to hold it it in between fingers. That should have been a little longer and with better suction its sticks to the wall most of the time.

It does not compare to the Clarisonic .... at all! But it is portable and does a good job exfoiliating. I would rather use this than a brush or a wash cloth.

Get the Clarisonic!! I want one too! The one they have for face and body!!


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