Happy New Face?

Happy New Year everybody! It feels nice not having a hangover on the first day of the year (for once). I hope you all had great nights last night, whatever you chose to do.

So anyway, back to beauty business. I've wanted to try the Clarisonic Plus for a good while now, and by my own admission, I initially slated it as being nothing more than "a glorified face brush". However, after reading endless reviews which sang its praises, I figured there had to be an element of truth to some of them and changed my mind. In fact it was this review by Resha, which made me do a complete 360 and then the splits!

Not entertaining the idea of forking out £175 on this plastic contraption, I scoured Ebay for months looking at listings which I deemed were a suitable asking price and was all set to take the plunge a week before Christmas, when I was offered and sent one for review at the 11th hour. Now if that wasn't the Beauty Gods at work, I dunno what was, but I fully intend to get the most out of my 'last min Christmas present'!

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A quick read of its features and it's clear that the Clarisonic Plus promises a lot. A professional calibre brush that uses a gentle oscillating micro-massage action to cleanse deeply which claims to:

*Remove six times more make up than manual cleansing 
*Be twice as effective as manual cleansing 
*Allow skin care products to absorb into the skin better 
*Reduce appearance of pores, fine lines and improve skin tone
    The Clarisonic Plus comes with three speeds for the face, plus a Body mode for cleansing areas of the body which need a little attention i.e elbows.

     It comes with a sensitive brush head and a larger, body brush head. Clarisonic also offer facial brush heads for different skin types.

     It also comes with trial-size Clarisonic branded skincare, but I'll be using my own.

    So today is THE day that I shall embark on my Clarisonic Journey and see whether it lives up to all the fanatical hype, or whether it is indeed "a glorified face brush". Initially I was only going to use it in the evenings, but after doing some research, it makes sense to utilise it to the best of its ability, so I'll endeavour to use it both morning and night.

    What I'm really looking to achieve from using the Clarisonic is super-smooth, brighter skin and hopefully see a big difference in the way my skincare works for me. Clarisonic claim that vitamin C absorption increases by 61% - THIS is what I'm keeping my fingers crossed for and I have just the product to put this claim to the test!

    Ok, it's 3pm in the UK. Time to fling my toosh in the shower and put this baby to work! I'll post an update next Sunday!

    10 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

    Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

    I was the same as you regarding how well it would work..then I saw Resha's post on it and it totally changed my mind. I'd read reviews on it before and everyone raved about it but it was one of those products that I wouldn't buy until I saw the results with my own eyes and when she posted that photo of how much foundation it removed..I knew it had to be mine.

    LilyLipstick said...

    I hope it works for you, looking forward to hearing what you think about it. I really want one but just don't think I can justify the cost of it...

    Computergirl said...

    I love my clarisonic :) I think my skin was bad to start with so has a distance to go. If you hav good skin thn it will make less difference :) x

    Sher said...

    hope it works out well for u hun,cant wait for ur review..sounds like a fantastic product dunno if I can bring myself to pay £175 haha

    EllysMakeupbag said...

    You should do a full review on this, as i really am considering buying one!

    VexintheCity said...

    @Rhamnousia - Yeah, it was Resha's post which swayed me too. I've edited it in my post now so everybody can read it.

    @LilyLipstick - Have a look on Ebay! You can bag one for £80. Or buy the Clarisonic Mia, which is cheaper.

    @Computergirl - It's a bit dry at the moment, due to the weather, so it needs brightening up!

    @Sher - I hope it proves to be a good tool. Check Ebay for one.

    VexintheCity said...

    @EllysMaksupbag - Oh I will! I'll try to do weekly update posts (time permitting) x

    Shortiee31 said...

    Beauty Gods - Hahaa love it!

    Rachael said...

    Ooh good luck with the try out & look forward to the updates! I didn't realise they were available so cheaply on eBay....I'm now severely tempted :)


    Ola said...

    I just purchased a Clarisonic mia as well. Charging as I type in fact. Will also be posting a review on my blog. Can't wait to see how it goes for you:)



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