Julien MacDonald Styles It Up with Comet

wJulien MacDonald recently teamed up with Comet, electrical specialists, to create a limited edition hair styling range by well known hair styling brand Babyliss. I can't say I'm a fan of the man himself, his behaviour towards some of the girls on the last season of Britain's Next Top Model made me raise an eyebrow on more than one occasion. 

However, I am fond of his apparent obsession with butterflies which he regularly interprets in his designs, so my first glance at the hairdryer and hair straighteners that he's slapped his name on were met with mild bemusement.

The hairdryer comes with a heat nozzle, heat mat and is powered by a 2000w motor which eliminates frizz and helps to seal in moisture.

The ceramic coated hair straighteners come with three heat settings for all hair types which quickly reaches an impressive 230 degrees.

Originally priced at £49.99 and £59.99 prior to the VAT increase, they've both now been reduced with the hairdryer retailing for £25.52 and the hair straighteners at £30.63. Christmas may be over, but they'll make a pretty gift nevertheless.

They can find them here on the Comet website.

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