Make Up For Ever Launch Lab Shine Lip Glosses - in 35 Shades!

I currently own Make Up For Ever foundations, concealer, HD blushes and Aqua Creams so I'm sure I'll eventually purchase one of these new Lab Shine lipglosses at some point.

New MUFE Lab Shine lipglosses comes in three finishes - Diamond, Star and Metal - and 35 amazing shades, covering pretty nudes, pinks and corals and also including a funky purple and even black lipgloss.

The Diamond Collection features 12 new shades and is formulated with the brand's Diamond Powder in more natural-looking colours with a touch of shimmer and glitter.

The 14 shades in the Star Collection are blended with their much loved Star Powder, which adds an iridescent mother-of-pearl finish.

Finally, the Metal Collection is home to nine shades and contains their Metal Powder for an intense chrome finish.

All 35 shades contain pearl pigments that reflect light for super shine. A combination of ingredients including Camelina oil and beeswax aim to add moisture to the lips and improve elasticity, while tetraester creates a non-sticky texture for easy application.

MUFE fans in the UK can find them stocked at both Guru Makeup Emporium and P.A.M
who'll also be present at the upcoming IMATS!

What's your favourite MUFE product?

4 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

MsDriftedSw said...

how do you know this? i cant find any info on their website?

Sher said...

great info hun,thanks for sharing will check PAM soon

yummy411 said...

(Y, it was a little hard to see the post a comment link above the white box) anyhoooooos!i love their pigments, aqua cream colors and smokey lash mascara!

VexintheCity said...

@MsDriftedSw - I made it all up! Check the sites I linked to, the products are on there.

@Sher - You're welcome

@Yummy411 - I know! It changed colour for some stupid reason when I amended the way I could respond to comments becuase I couldn't before. It'll be switched back to normal on 25th Jan when I get my broadband installed.

Everybody goes on about this Smokey Lash mascara...hmmm!


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