Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks - For Ethnic Skin?

Montagne Jeunesse, whose face masks have frequented the likes of Superdrug for as long as I can remember, recently launched two new ones which are specifically aimed at those with ethnic skin. I'm sure many of you are well aware that darker complexions have higher levels of melanin than most. 

Uneven pigmentation and flaky skin can often show up more easily than on those with paler skin and the new masks aim to remove dead skin cells and leave skin feeling supple and radiant. I was a tad bemused, yet curious to discover what could possibly be so different from their usual line of masks (which stands at over 50 by the way), that would justify new ones being created for ethnic skin. 

On Friday, I tried the new Amore Rose Ultra Deep Cleansing Masque - a light pink coloured cream mask which contains African Marula Oil as a natural moisturiser to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, as well as shea butter and cocoa butter. It was easy to apply, was thick and creamy and importantly didn't drip! 20 mnutes later and it had dried on some parts of my face but was still wet elsewhere. I don't like the fuss of trying to rinse off a hardened mask, as it's just not typically achievable in under a minute, but it was all removed by around the two minute mark so wasn't too bad. Despite containing a blend of rose germanium and Damask rose essential oils, I didn't really notice a distinctive rose scent at all.

Last night it was the turn of the Lemon Zest Peel Off Mask. Featuring a combination of lemon juice (from Sicilian lemons no less), Green Tea and pure root Ginger it promises to leave your face feeling revitalised, deeply cleansed and radiant. A sticky gel mask, it applied easily enough and as I sat watching television, I almost forgot I had it on. Now came the testing part. 15 minutes later, I pulled a couple of funny faces to make the mask 'crack' and the mask pulled away from my skin quite easily. However it tore as I pulled it in places and it was the remainants of the mask around my nose, along my jawline and on the edges of my face that proved difficult to remove. So awkward they were, that I had to resort to giving my face a quick rinse and once-over with my Clarisonic to remove the debris left behind.

Both masks initially left my skin in the same condition. My face was dry in appearance, which didn't leave me feeling confident of the mask's effects, although my skin didn't feel tight. I applied my nightly regime of serum and moisturiser as normal and to be honest my skin didn't feel much different after I'd tried the Amore Rose mask Ultra Deep Cleansing Mask. It did however feel incredibly soft once I'd prepped it after using the Lemon Zest Peel Off Mask. I may purchase this again if I can get over its annoying removal.

Both masks cost a bargainous 99p and be found on their website at, Superdrug and Savers. For the price, I certainly can't grumble too loudly and if anything trying these had made me more curious about the other 50 odd masks they offer.

Montagne Jeunesse masks contain natural ingredients and are not tested on animals either.

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Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

I tried one of these ageeeeeeeeeeees ago, it was a chocolate mask and it was terrible. However, I still want to try more and more of them out so I am going to, I just always forget to pick them up. I wanted to get the tottle ones but I haven't seen them.

Making masks for ethnic skin seems quite odd, I'd never have thought we'd need our own types of mask..I understand for haircare but not for skincare, I'd have thought that a deeper conditioning one would have done it.

NANCY said...

I tried the montagne jeunesse anti stress mud pac, and it was exactly like I had gotten a professional facial (for $1.50, from dollar general) and the fragrance was atually de stressing, since I was having a particularly bad day, I was really suprised that for the first time I smelled something that made me feel a little happier!! Also, my skin was supple, soft and younger looking... I'm 28, I live in a very dry climate (I also have four small, stressful children), and I'm starting to get these tiny little lines that I'm sure will be not so tiny as time goes by, anyway, it was like I went back in time about 6 yrs or so, and I think that also contributed to my good spirits... this stuff is magic...

VexintheCity said...

@Rhamnousia - Yeah, although they didn't blow me away. I wanna find one that I really LOVE now LOL. For the price, I don't mind a bit if trial and error.

I thought the same about having an 'ethnic range'.

@Nancy - Glad you've had a positive experience with the range so far. Maybe that's the mask I need to try next...


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