Nailgirls Now In Selfridges

Remember this post? I attended an event at the Nailgirls salon in Islington, last April. The brand is going from strength to strength and they can now be found in Selfridges. Check out their current winter collection 'The Black Revolution', next time you're in there.

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Brown #2 - Lacquered glossy chocolate brown, combined with the intensity of black.

Blue #5 - Blue-violet tint through a blackened base

Burgundy #5 -A black base saturated with deep plum tones.

I quite like the sound of Brown #2 as I'd like a rich, glossy blackened brown in my nail polish collection. I've made a note (in my Filofax - ha!) to check it out next time I'm in Selfridges. It'll need to be pretty special for me to fork out £10 on it, although I was very impressed with the staying power of the polish used in my manicure at the event.

How much are they? £10 each
Where can I find them? nailgirls spa, online at and at Selfridges

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*Zoe* said...

Oooh I'll have to check these out. I love trying new nail varnish brands. Colours look gorgeous too.
Zoe x
My blog, DiamondSolitaire

Get Lippie said...

Brilliant, so glad they're back, I was kicking myself when I missed their pop up shop in Selfridges a couple of months ago. They have the *perfect* green polish ...

VexintheCity said...

@Zoe - Yeah they have sooo many shades.

@Get Lippie - Oh I didn't know they had a pop-up shop to start off with. I'm looking fwd to having a look at the colours again.

Sher said...

I will hav2check these next time Im in Selfridges thanks for sharing hun

VexintheCity said...

@Sher - You're welcome!


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