Review: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara

I've been a fan of the original Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara ever since it was recommended to me on an old beauty forum I used to frequent a few years ago, so I pretty excited to be given a sample of the new Sumptuous Extreme pre-launch back in November.

I reach for this most days at the moment (I can't quite let go of Lancome Hypnose Drama just yet) and I LOVE it. The brush is larger than the original, yet still has that familiar triangular shape that the mousse-like formula works so well with, enabling it to reach all your lashes easily, despite its size. 

Lauder have named it the Extreme Backcomber and it has two types of bristles - flexible ones which allow the brush to pick up more product and solid fibres which comb the lashes, allowing them to separate and give clump-free definition. To look at the brush you'd never know it, but hey, it works!

What I love so much about Sumptuous Extreme is that you can take your time to perfect your lashes. Two coats in and you're left with well separated, voluminous, flirty looking lashes using a lightweight formula that won't leave you struggling to apply a second coat or leave you with clumpy lashes after five seconds! 

It comes in four shades:
Extreme Black (what I have)
Extreme Brown
Extrem Violet
Extreme Indigo


After - wearing two coats of Sumptuous Extreme

This mascara really frames my eyes, widening them and making them a focal point of my face. I love the effect it has on my lashes - it dramatises them, yet still makes them wearable for daytime make up looks. I don't suffer from 'raccoon eyes' halfway through the day either.  The formula is also enriched in Panthenol (Vitamin B5) to condition lashes, which perobably explains why they don't feel hard and crunchy when I touch them. Finally, it's fragrance free and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

If you're looking for volume, length and a little luxury for your eyelashes ..step forward Sumptuous Extreme.

How much it it? £22
Where can I get it from? Estee Lauder counters, Estee Lauder online and larger Boots stores

17 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Cheeky Beauty said...

This looks awesome, I've gotta try when my Hypnose runs out, thanks for the great review x

VexintheCity said...

@Cheeky Beauty - It's a great mascara for day as well as night wear. You're welcome :-)

Beauty Passionista said...

It looks amazing on you. I will definitely try it out. Thanks for the great review.

NewRibena said...

Looks like you got great results. I'm another one that is still clinging to Hypnose Drama...

Tre said...

It looks really nice and it doesn't look too much for day wear.

Have you tried a more 'night time' look? If so, does it clump up a lot when you do?

Also, have you tried "Max Factor Effect"? If you have, which one do you prefer? This one or the Max Factor? Cheers.

nicoletta said...

Looks fab, i love the origional one too xx

prettyinthedesert said...

Wow! I am totally adding this to my shopping list!

Tass said...

I think Estee Lauder mascaras are brilliant but it doesn't seem that many people buy them? Then again I find £22 to be really expensive when I'm so used to my £10 mascaras! x

Imo said...

I LOVE this, so are the violet ad indigo repromotes from the last collection? still have my purple one and I love it

EllysMakeupbag said...

The wand looks just like MAC zoomlash, and im not a big fan. But great review.

maphi said...

i got an estee lauder mascara for xmass and i dont usually use mascara but wooow im in love :D its just that amazing xx

VexintheCity said...

@Beauty Passionista - Thank you :-)

@NewRibena - (Cool name btw LOL)Yeah, I'm loving it. Girl I can't let go of Hypnose Drama ..not ever LOL

@Tre - Thanks. No, I haven'tt not yet, but I reckon I can get away with three coats and it wouldn't clump up. I'll try it over the weekend.

MF False Lash Effect - Yeah I have and I'm pretty sure I had to throw it out as it dried up quite quikly, that was ages ago though, so my memory's a bit hazy.

@Nicoletta - Thanks. Me too :-)

@Prettyinthedesert - Enjoy :-)

@Tass - Well I've been impressed with the two I've tried, and yeah they are quite pricey. I think they have a loyal following though.

@IMO - I have no idea hon. Possibly ...

@Ellysmakeupbag - Really? I'm not a fan of MAC mascaras, so I've been in no rush to try that one. Thanks!

@maphi - Glad you're enjoying it so far, which one do you have?

나니 said...

It looks GREAT! I love EL's double wear mascara *_* it works WONDERS on my stupid, stubborn lashes!

Sher said...

this looks fantastic on u hun,love ur lashes will check it out after my Benefit Bad Gal&Nars mascara runs out,thanx for sharing


looking really nice imo.

Tina said...

Oh damn, there was a sample version of this with a magazine here a couple of months ago and now I really regret not getting it!!
Really good results!


Laura Hyatt said...

I literally just bought this today, so thought I'd check out some reviews (maybe should have done it before!) Very pleased that you loved it, I can't wait to try it now tomorrow x
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