Using my Clarisonic - 2 Weeks In

A fortnight in and the congestion on my chin has improved greatly over the past week,  although I can see feel slight abrasions. The breakout along my jawline and under my ears has totally disappeared though, which I'm pleased about. I've been using the device to clean my face twice a day and I haven't defaulted once on this routine which is quite a feat for me!

My skin I think, is looking a little brighter sans makeup, although not by much. I'm still waiting for the Normal brush head that I ordered, to arrive - maybe tomorrow, fingers crossed. My cheeks are feeling super smooth and soft, as is my forehead. Despite the blustery weather, my skin isn't suffering from any dry patches at all, which is a plus. 

This week I plan to start using a moisturiser I have which is aimed at brightening pigmentation marks. I think these are what are disguising any prominent improvement to the clarity of my skin tone and hopefully over a prolonged period of time I'll see a marked difference in them as I continue to use both the moisturiser and Clarisonic. Time will tell. I also have a facial booked for Wednesday which I'm hoping will help my skin further too.

I've noticed that the Clarisonic doesn't work so well with one of my cleansers. Neutrogena's Fresh Foaming Cleanser just doesn't foam up the same way it does when I use my hands to cleanse my face, so I've replaced it with Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit Wash, which I've wanted to try since reading a review on it a few months ago here on Imo's blog, Its a London Thing. I'll continue to alternate between this and Dermalogica's Special Clearing Gel as both have the gel formulas that I love.

I'm still not convinced that there's any change in my pore size - maybe they're at the stage where they can't be helped. I don't know, I'm not a dermatologist. All I know is that the teeny dots on my skin that are either side of my nose, still look exactly the same as they did a month ago and I don't need to be an expert in order to distinguish that!

The biggest difference to my skin so far now, is its overall texture. It feels amazingly soft and supple, which I'm extremely pleased with and hope to maintain.

Roll on week 3!

ETA: My normal head brush arrived this afternoon, so I'll be putting that to work this evening.

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vonzi said...

I didn't see any change in my skin with the clarisonic to be honest. It's fun to use, and it cleans my face better. But i think for someone who gets breakouts it's probably more helpful.

In regards to pore size, they don't get smaller, but they CAN get larger--when they're clogged and such. So you're not going to see your pores get any smaller, well, because they can't. But you will notice they won't get worse because you're cleaning them out well.

I def need to get the normal brush head, the sensitive one is way too soft.



Sally said...

I am loving your clarisonic review. I have been thinking about buying it myself but of course for that money I want to make sure it works so thank u for being my guinea pig! lol. honestly though i really trust your reviews and glad you are doing this week by week instead of the others which just say its great after just one use! thanks so much again.


prettyinthedesert said...

I really want one of those, but can't afford one. But reading your reviews made me really desperate for one that I bought a regular facial brush to see if that makes a difference at all! haha

VexintheCity said...

@Yonzi - I don't get huge breakouts or angry spots like I used to when I was younger so that's a good point you've made.

THANK YOU! I always wonder when people say their pores are smaller, I think "Really?" cos it's drummed into us that they CAN'T decrease in size! I'm not feeling the sensitive brush head at all, I can't wait for my normal head to arrive.

@Sally - Glad you're enjoying it so far. Given the price of the device, I think the least I can do is give as thorough a review as possible. Everybody raves so much about it, but tbh it hasn't changed my life yet! You're welcome x

VexintheCity said...

@Prettyinthedesert - I used a facial brush for years and did find it effective, so buy one and try it out. I'm guessing the only difference I'm guessing is that it wasn't removing all of my make up - I'd have to use 1-2 cotton wool pads before it would come away clean when using toner.

DeeDee said...

I plan on purchasing the Mia soon. My question for you is: you mentioned a moisturizer for your hyperpigmentation. May I have the name(hoping that it is available for purchase in the States lol)?

farah said...

Does using the clarisonic make ur skin oilier than before? Ive read that sometimes clarisonic stimulates the faceial skin and oil started oozing out, which is good in some case but it leads to breakouts in other cases.What type of brush do u use before getting Clarisonic?

Imo said...

I look forward to reading your thoughts week 3! Thanks for the mention hun, Ive been to-ing and fro-ing on whether I need a clarisonic as Ive read so many reviews (inc this one)My skins quite sensitive at the moment so Im not sure if this will aggrevate it.

amartianslove said...

i really like the clarisonic. there are some acne-filled days which only the clarisonic can help. i need to get a new brush, but otherwise. i heart it :)

good luck with it

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VexintheCity said...

@DeeDee - I don't like it. I applied it once and I didn't like the texture -

@Farah - I haven't noticed my skin being any oilier than it usually is, no. Everybody's different though, what happened to one person isn't necessarily gonna be experience by me. I was using the Sephora facial brush and one purchased off Ebay prior to that.

@Imo - You're welcome. The sensitive head will prob suit you best then. I wish we had the same refund policy here in the UK as those in the states have. For £175 it's a mistaken purchase you could easily brush off!

@amartianshelp - Glad you like it and that it works well for you. Check Ebay for the brush prices :-)


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