Using my Clarisonic - Week 3

It's that time again, time for another update on how I'm getting along with the Clarisonic. My Normal brush head arrived on Monday and I prefer it hands down to the Sensitive head. It's more abrasive on the skin and I feel it's actually cleansing it better. Don't worry, it doesn't feel painful in comparison to the Sensitive head, just firmer. I still use it on the highest speed level and I enjoy using it more now. Unless I break out in boils all over my face, I can't envisage myself reaching for the Sensitive brush head again! 

The congestion on my chin is still refusing to shift completely and if anything has worsened a little this week. It's not blindingly obvious to see, but if I point out the small cluster of pimples on my chin, then you'll most likely respond with "Oh yeaaah...". I also have four small spots on my forehead which have popped up. I've had not one, but two facials this week, so perhaps they're connected, although I haven't suffered from any other sort of adverse reaction to the products that were used in both treatments.

The information I gained from one of the facials was interesting as I was really keen to get a professional analysis on the condition my skin and discover the effect that using the Clarisonic has had so far. My skin type was confirmed once and for all - and it's apparently combination. I kinda knew that already though, so the info I was given made sense. More on that in an upcoming post.

I fell asleep in my make up last night (argh!), and I paid the price. My skin looked really dull and grey when I woke up this morning. My excuse? I was up at the crack of dawn to catch the Eurostar for a day trip to Paris yesterday morning, and was absolutely shattered when I stumbled through the front door after 11pm last night. It's funny because it's taken sleeping in my make up to notice what a difference cleansing twice a day has made to my skin.

I would often collapse into bed with the remains of my make up on, which is bad I know, but I can't go back to doing that now. I've run out of wipes and need to stock up for the odd day where, for whatever reason I can't take my face off. There's a marked difference to how my skin looks the morning after cleansing/moisturising (I'm not using toner very much at the moment), as opposed to sleeping in my make up and being greeted by the lacklustre, grey skin I see in the morning and I'd obviously not see the latter.

I made sure I cleansed (with the Clarisonic) and prepped my skin treating it with a creamy mask as soon as I woke up today, even though my eyes are closing as I type this and I'm going straight back to sleep when the Eastenders omnibus is over. I've guzzled far too many fizzy drinks over the past 48 hours, so water will be the only liquid passing through my lips over the next few days if I can help it too.

Oh, that moisturiser I mentioned I was going to start using last week for my pigmentation marks has been ditched after its first application. It was sent to me about three mths ago, is called Super Skin Lightener, and is hydroquinone and steroid free. I have to use a separate SPF cream for daytime use but I really didn't the texture of it which didn't absorb very well. It left an annoying white cast on my face and I haven't used it again this week. If you want more info, you can view it here. If you have any product suggestions for clearing pigmentation marks, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Overall, my skin still feels polished and super-soft, but I feel I need to get on top of the slight breakout on my forehead (four annoying teeny spots which are in a horizontal line spanning my lower forehead) and tackle my chin before I can progress further.

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LC said...

Hey, my best friend is a skin aesthetician and tells me that the majority of time that you have congestion on your chin it is generally hormonal. I used to have bad congestion but have had some Hydradermie facials by Guinot - which is a deep cleansing treatment using electric currents through the skin to clean the deeper layers. Really worked for me. xxxxx

Aysh said...

Heya hun, thanks for doing these fab in depth review/updates on the clarisonic. I'm finding it really helpful & interesting to read :) Thats interesting that you mentioned your not using toner in your routine, I'm not either but that's only because I've run out & been too lazy to purchase more! I've actually been looking into maybe making my own? Does using toner really make a huge difference in your skincare routine? Thanks again hun!

Aysh xoxo

VexintheCity said...

@LC - Oh really? That's interesting to know, thanks for that. Thhat facial sounds fab, def gna look in having one of those. I've become obsessed with skincare lately.

@Aysh - Glad you're enjoying the posts. I used to use toner to cleanse off any remaining dirt that was left on my skin after cleansing and to refresh it, but I was finding the cotton wool pad was coming away super clean so I haven't felt the need to use it lately.

Jan said...

I have had my Clarisonic since autumn for just over a year and whilst I loved the fact that it didn't irritate, left my skin smooth and glass like and was quick and easy, it did nothing for my blackheads at all. It was one of my *worst products* of 2010, it just didn't do what I wanted. 2nd the congestion on chin being hormonal related. Look forward to reading the next updates. Thanks for this. Jan x

ShimmerDreamz (Cassie) said...

Yet another post to make me want Clarisonic...*sigh*

I would recommend getting a bottle or two of the cleansers that you simply wipe away using a cotton pad - it's more effective than wipes when getting the last grain of foundation from pores and not as drying.

Can't wait to get my blog sale goodies! Really, really want to try the Nyx stuff.

Update soon! x

amartianslove said...

i used the sensitive brush head, but i just bought a normal replacement brush head. i hope it works just as well.
i really need a facial, do you recommend any in london for dark skin girls?
thanks much! MartianMartini

VexintheCity said...

@Jan - Hmmm I know what you mean. Other than giving me polished skin, it's not doing much else at the moment.

@ShimmerDreamz - Good idea! I really the MUFE which I tried at the wkend. I'll buy that one.

VexintheCity said...

@amartianslove - Hope you prefer it over the sensitive, I know I do. Other than those green peel masks, I'm not aware of any others not being suitable for dark skinned skin. You're best to go with one that caters for your SKIN TYPE. I really rated the facial I was given at The Sanctuary day spa in Covent Garden. It was personalised to my skin type.

Check the site out:

Also, sign up to Wahanda Mobdeals so you can buy a cheap one, they're pretty frequent.


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