Accessorize Illusion Nail Polish - Purple Dream

Well after having a play with the Accessorize make up samples I was sent, I hotfooted it down to Superdrug (the Marble Arch branch) a couple of weeks ago, where I stood for a minimum of 30 minutes (I kid you not) much to the bemusement of the store security guard, playing to my hearts content with the various different products available.

I finally settled for three nail polishes (and got another last week) and swatched the most unusual of my selection, Purple Dreams.

This blue purple duochrome polish from the Illusion line, is infused with pink, green and blue glitter. I found it quite difficult to photograph. From one angle it looks blue, the next purple!

Three coats were enough to give full coverage, but be careful when applying your second or third coat as it has a tendency to drag if you apply it too quickly. I'm pleased that despite being a glitter polish it doesn't feel rough on the nails when you run your fingers over it, quite smooth in fact. The glitter isn't chunky at all.

It's still a pain in the a** to remove though, as are most glitter polishes but it's worth it. A very pretty shade that's not as 'disco ball' as it looks in my photo and is actually quite a 'sophisticated' and muted glitter, if there's such a thing!

How much is it? £4
Where can I buy it? Accessorize stores and online, larger Superdrug branches

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Beauty and the blog said...

ooh thats really pretty, thanks for making me spend £4 lol.x

VexintheCity said...

@Beauty and the Blog - Oh the pleasure's all mine! LOL

Sarah@Blusherobsession said...

i just took this off my nails, lasts quite well and wasn't that hard to get off, love accessorize nail polishes!

City Girls Fashion Box said...

im obsessed with their nail varnishes!! xxx

SultryRed said...

Theres several polishes I want from them... so gorgeous in colour.

Cassie said...

The Illusion shades are sooo pretty. I went for the Aztec, Copper bronze one and Spiced Pink recently and couldn't stop staring at my nails.

Was thinking of getting either the purple or the blue illusions varnish next, so thanks for this post!

What did you think about all the other things you tried in all that time? Our local Superdrugs don't have testers for quite a few of the eyeshadows and lip products -_-

Cassie x

Tina said...

I love how this one looks on your nails, such a rich purple shade and the multi coloured glitter give it a lot of dimension!!!
Unique shade!



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