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I'm yet to try any products from ELF (Eye Lips Face). I toyed with the idea of buying a few items from their Studio line months ago, but got sidetracked and just ended up in MAC again! A couple of items arrived unexpectedly in the post for me to try over the festive period, but I just haven't had the time to so much as take them out of their box yet. I'll get round to it eventually though as I was quite impressed at first glance.

On Monday I was told by an ELF employee that they have just released new tinted moisturisers which come with SPF20 for added protection. I don't tend to really use tinted moisturisers that often - even during warmer weather, mainly because I guess I'm too used to wearing heavier coverage, so I feel a bit conscious being so 'exposed'.

Despite being told that it was a possibility I could find a match for my skin tone, deep down I was still a little sceptical. However, last night I remembered what she said, had a quick look at the website and found these:

Available in seven shades, three are aimed at those of us with deeper skin tones. The first three shades in the image above are described as:


Expresso - Dark skin with yellow and red undertones

Mocha - Rich brown for medium to dark skin tones

Almond - For medium to dark skin with yellow undertones

Something to check out perhaps if you struggle to find a tinted moisturiser that compliments you. Priced at just £3.50, it won't be a costly mistake if the shade isn't quite right. I think I'll order one this week and review it shortly.

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Cassie said...

I'm not sure I get tinted moisturisers any more. Last summer, I was addicted to them and loved the sheery coverage plus SPF but I've started to mix my moisturiser with foundation (both have SPF). It's much better imo since I get the benefits of my favourite moisturiser (plumping, fast absorbing, non greasy.etc) with a foundation that's perfectly matched to my skin.

What's your take on this?

Can't wait for your review on the Elf tinted moisturiser though - it'd be interesting to see how well their skincare products hold up.

Cassie x

amartianslove said...

I tried Olay Tinted moisturiser and Bobbi Brown and it broke me out! I loved the concept, but i think the coverage was too light and i didnt see a dramatic or subtle difference. I so wanted to love them, alas, I cant :(

Imo said...

Id like to swatch these as you can never be too sure with foundations and tinted moisturisers. Glad to see that at LAST they're catering to dark skin ladies!

Maggie ☮ said...

I think I might try some of this =]

HealthyObsession said...

I love the elf tinted moisturizer! I recently purchased it and for the price it's wonderful! definitely recommend.

sabina said...

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