The Nail Files: Sephora by OPI - Only Gold For Me

I'm so glad I own Sephora by O.P.I's Only Gold For Me Top Coat 


Well it looks very pretty on the nails (especially when it catches the light), application doesn't have to be perfect and it be applied in two minutes. The clear polish which is infused with chunky and micro gold glitter, is also a cheaper dupe for Rococo Gold Leaf Lacquer which I'm very happy I didn't fork out £25 for now! Yeah, that would have been an obscene cosmetic purchase, even by my frivolous standards!

Two coats is all you need for full coverage (as shown in the photo). I don't wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second and surprisingly it doesn't feel rough to the touch when you run your fingers over it either.  It's funny, but it was only when I took photos for this post that I realised the 'specks' of glitter were in fact teeny shaped hexagons - cute.

Only Gold For Me is versatile and looks great on bare nails or when layered over either a bright or dark polish.

Priced at $9.50 (which is approximately £6 at the time of publishing), it's a great way to jazz up your 'naked' nail looks or favourite polish shades. 

Check out it out next time you're in Sephora!

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Promise said...

Uh I love that nail polish, even if it chips a little bit you won't be able to tell that much cause of the splattered effect. Love it...x

LaaLaa Monroe said...

That really is a nice nail polish

Stacie said...

I love that on you! It looks great. I always think it's such a shame we don't have Sephora in the UK anymore
Kawaii Nail Art

The Dollymix Diaries said...

Love it!

DesignerSpray said...

Gotta agree with Promise, if it doesn't chip, it won't look so bad. I would happily pay £6 for it! x

나니 said...

I really wanna try that polish. I'm super into glitter polishes with those big chunks of glitter lately! : D

Becky said...

Love this!

Tina said...

That's a beautiful sparkly nail polish, my collection is lacking sth like this..!


Henessy said...

I need this topcoat in my life!! If there's one thing I miss about the US it's Sephora. Do you know if the Sephora in France sell Sephora by OPI as I couldn't find any when I was last out there just the normal Sephora brand polishes :(

VexintheCity said...

Henessy - I didn't spot them in Sephora in Paris when I was there a couple of wks ago either x


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