Guest Review: Boss Orange Man

When tweeted they were looking for male reviewers to test Boss Orange Man, I knew just the person I had in mind to pen the first male guest review for Vex in the City. My mate 'Stav' took up the challenge of penning me a review for Boss Orange Man and his review turnaround was a damn sight quicker than mine!

Here's what he had to say about it.

The first thing I noticed about Boss Orange Man, the male equivalent to Hugo Boss Orange, which launched for you ladies in 2009, wasn’t actually the fragrance. It was the casing, which I really like. It looks like a chiselled six pack and screams “I am man!” in a real passive aggressive way, which I guess is what 'a man perfume' is meant to do right?

Once I popped the top off and had a sniff I noticed that it isn’t the strongest of scents which means it’s perfect for using right before a date or somewhere where you want to smell good but not drown everyone near you. Maybe not so good if you want it to last all day without reaching for more though. That leads me to say this is an evening type of EDT.

You’re not gonna believe this but after a further sniff trying to help myself decipher how I would describe the smell, the first thing that came to my head was Orange. No, seriously. The thing is, It doesn’t actually smell like Orange but it reminds me of it. It has a definite woody, citrusy mood to it, even though it doesn’t linger. That’s to say that it’s not too overpowering.

Hugo Boss says it has elements of Vanilla, Frankincense, Bublinga Wood & Apple to it (maybe I mistook the Apple for Orange). Not that I can sense the Vanilla mind you.

I’d like to know how long I’d actually be smelling good for, after a couple of hours on the town but all in all, I’m impressed with it after initial use.

For now it’s definitely something I’d put in my car and break out with the breathe mints just before a lady jumps in.

How much is it? RRP of £25 (30ml), £35 (50ml) & £45 (100ml)
Where can I buy it?

**You can check out Stavs' podcasts over at  Eloquently Saying Nothing where he and his fellow 'schlags' give a male and weekly insight on popular culture and yes, women!**

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esteeem said...

i absolutely loove this fragrance (not only because orlando bloom in enticing enough), but coz it reminds me of a fragrance that I cant quite put my finger on yet.. i think its dior but need to figure it out!
anyway, I bought it for my hubby as soon as it came out n he likes it (well he has no choice really!) lol

i actually like male fragrances that smell sweet and luckily so does he, which includes: JPG le male, Paco Rabanne 1 Million, D&G the one gentleman and i think now Boss Orange.

Love love it atm =)



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