Review: Julien MacDonald by Babyliss Hairdryer + Straighteners

Remember that new hairstyling range by BaByliss that Julien Macdonald slapped his name on late last year? Well, they were sent to me for potential review, but since my hair's currently in braids, rather than have them sat gathering dust, I sought the help of a guest reviewer to give them the once over.

I called on the services of my old work colleague Tracy to put them through their paces and here's what she had to say about them:

I'm not one for using products that have some designer's name on them whoever they may be but I can forgive BaByliss on this occasion as the design is quite inoffensive (thankfully not some sickly pink!). As for the design of the product itself well I have to say it does exactly what it says on the tin (or box in this case). They heat up in seconds (booklet mentions 15 but I wasn't counting, it was quick though). There is ample cord (3m) with the obligatory 360 degree swivel for ease of use.... a must on any product when you could do with an extra pair of hands. Light weight and generally easy to use, I used the middle setting as my hair is naturally blonde and not too thick (yes a genuine one, no packet was involved). It took me probably less than five mins to straighten my hair and it doesn't feel like it's been singed thankfully. I also tried a few curls as well.... impressive, again the swivel cord is a blessing when doing this style. I'm pleased they have included a heat mat as I'm always paranoid about scorching furniture. The cooling down time was pretty rapid too so..... Overall, not a bad product in any sense and thank you for letting me have the opportunity to try them out. I may even come to work on Monday not looking like a dishevelled witch for a change!

You'll also be pleased to hear that since receiving the fluttery buttery hair dryer I have actually blow dried my hair every time it's been washed. Obviously like the straighteners it has a cool design. It's a typical hair dryer shape with ample cord. The weight isn't anything to write home about or the fact that's it's 2000w. There are four heat controls plus a cool shot button and three speed settings. The cool shot is really useful as you don't have to flick between heat settings when cooling that all important curl. The heat and speed settings (speed switch also includes the 'on and off' control) are controlled by switches that push up and down. I found them quite awkward to use. It felt a bit disjointed when trying to switch on or off and not easy to move between each heat or speed setting. Maybe after time they might run a little smoother. The end result was pleasing, achieving my preferred bouffant look as apposed to the slick poker straight styles. Oh I must just add though, I needed a crow bar to get the hair dryer out of the moulded packaging. Thankfully no nails were broken in the process.
All in all I would say that the hair dryer and straighters are both individually and jointly products I would recommend to friend or foe!

Cheers Trace!

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BeautyStalker said...

I love Julien MacDonald and my hairdryer just blew up yesterday, so i may just try this out, the designs are girly but not too sickly. Thanks so much for the post xxx

Ditzymakeup said...

Great review! I just LOVE the design... I'm a sucker for butterflies haha! x

ShimmerDreamz (Cassie) said...

Very pretty design but does not warrant a new pair of straigteners or blow dryer when my lovely Vidal Sasson and Babyliss straight or curl does the job nicely.

I would definitely like to echo 'thank god it isn't pink'! lol.

yummy411 said...

cute air appliances! i nominated u for an award on my blog ;)


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