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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Topshop's latest limited edition capsule make up collection flew into selected stores and online last weekend. The Sandstorm Collection combines sultry metallics with sunset tones accentuated with a kick of hell raising neon.

Hmm this Gloss Stick in Glisten looks interesting! Great packaging too - tres slick.

Do you pay Topshop's make up stand a visit when you're instore or do you tend to stick with their clothes? I keep forgetting they've branched into cosmetics, only to be reminded once a product pops up on a blog!

Priced between £5-£12, it won't break the bank. Have you had a play with it yet? Thoughts please!

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Shabna said...

I've ordered the lip gloss/stain stick and I can't waaaaiit to try it! I'll probs post about it if it's good ;) xx

Big Fashionista said...

I have to admit I do forget that they do cosmetics, I have looked at some of the products before and this collection looks good. Will have to go check it out when I go to a large store x

Stacie said...

I like the look of the polishes and the lip slick xoxox
Kawaii Nail Art

Kaushal said...

That lip gloss stick is really, very nice! x

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

I'm getting the nail duos and glosses I think - not tried the Topshop stuff before but this collection looks really good :-)

prettyinthedesert said...

It kind of sucks, because they don't sell the products in all Topshops here, so i forget about the makeup range! But from the looks of the swatches and pictures, I really want to check these out!!


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