Valentine's Scents Guaranteed to Turn Up the Heat!

Love it or loathe it, you can't escape it. Valentine's Day is looming! Whatever you're up to that day, make sure you smell amazing - it's the law! Looking for a new scent? Take a look at these fragrances which continue to turn heads.

I was sceptical of the hype surrounding Tom Ford's Black Orchid but now I can't live without it. Bergamot and Black Truffle, blended with Lotus Wood and Vanilla create pure sex in a bottle! Black Orchid is wild, erotic and the perfect spicy fruity floral - I love it! Don't go spray crazy with it though, all you need is a couple of squirts to leave a lasting sophisticated, sensual impression.Prices starting from £42 for 30ml

I tend to be quite cynical of celebrity endorsed perfumes, but after initially turning my nose up at diva Beyonce's fragrant offering, I have to admit that it's not actually that bad. Release the fire within you to the wafts of almond macaroon, neroli and red vanilla,  Intensify the Heat to have your loved one 'Cater 4 U' this Valentine's Day (OMG did I really just type that?!). Look ' be put it bluntly, you could do far worse than wear this in an attempt to exhude some passion. It didn't sell 72,000 bottles in an hour at superstore Macy's for nothing! Prices starting from £23 for 30ml.

Can't afford his shoes yet? No problem!  Check out the new Jimmy Choo perfume instead, which combines Tiger Orchid and Fruity Chypr to bring together creamy seductiveness. Its base notes of Toffee and Indonesian Patchouli make it perfect for those with a sweet tooth too! This has been getting rave reviews and I'm desperate to have a sniff, and judge for myself.  Prices starting from £39 for 40ml.

The new fragrance from saucy iconic brrand Agent Provocatuer, L'Agent, has hit counters. Powerful, mysterious and seductive, it's described as a summer night fragrance for the modern woman with a mixture of amber, musk and florals. Price starting from £50 for 50ml. Available from Selfridges and

 Snare your prey with the Limited Edition L'Eau d'Issey Noir Absolu . Its signature ingredient of amber is accompanied with lily and jasmine plus a touch of orange, cinnamon and nutmeg. Its signature conical bottle  is sleek and modern making this an ideal scent to help finalise your seduction plans. Prices starting from £59 for 50ml available from and nationwide.

If you're sugary sweet and like all things nice, then a spritz of Vicktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb will be right up your street. Think of fluffy clouds, candy floss and kittens and you're on the right track - or baby powder!  Amongst its many notes you'll find Bergamot, Cattleya Orchid and Patchouli which when combined make up a full bodied floral explosion. One sniff and you'll understand why it's a besteller. From £45 for 30ml

One of my all time fave scents definitely deserves a mention in this post. Hugo Boss Deep Red - it hasn't failed me yet! Show stoppinngly sexy, this floral scent has leaves a lingering musky scent thanks to freesia, blackcurrant and vanilla it contains. I luuuuurve this perfume! Prices starting from £26.50 for 30ml. Available from The Perfume Shop and nationwide.

Which scent(s) will you be relying on to get a certain someone all hot under the collar this Valentine's Day?

7 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

prettyinthedesert said...

I love, love LOVE Black Orchid and Flower Bomb. Black Orchid is strong, without being over powering. And I love that when I wear it and drive somewhere, my car still smells like it when I get back in it to go home.

I always get compliments on Flowerbomb from men.


Wande's World - A beauty and lifestyle blog for women of colour said...

definately heat my beyonce, all i need is 24"inch lace wig, and I'll be "irreplaceable"

Shortiee31 said...

"Intensify the Heat to have your loved one 'Cater 4 U' this Valentine's Day (OMG did I really just type that?!)."
I actually LOL'ed! Hahaa! xx

25FLONDON said...

I gave the Jimmy Choo perfume a sniff the other day & despite my best efforts it's not my cup of tea. Maybe it mixed with my body chemistry badly, but it smelled like 'older rich woman wearing expensive exotic perfume just because she can, not because it smells good' to me :(

Tass said...

I like the Jimmy Choo one as it isn't very strong but I have to say my fave scent at the mo is Katy Perry's one though I don't think it's very Valentine-y x

Shona Vixen said...

Tom Ford!!!!That's my scent!

Sami said...

I have the Jimmy Choo perfume and have to say I LOVE IT! Really want to get my hands on Flowerbomb too, which is actually kind of similar x


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