Clarisonic Mia to Launch in the UK

The Clarisonic Classic has been raved about for months now. Priced at £155, it's basically an electric brush which gives your face a car-wash-style deep cleanse. You can read my reviews on it here.
Now the travel-sized version, the Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System is launching in the UK on April 15th. At £120, it's still not cheap, but promises to remove six times more make-up than ordinary cleansing (with your hands) does.

If you're like me, you probably wondered why there was a need for another version in the first place if the original is supposedly so great. I probed a little further to get some answers from a Clarisonic representative:

 1.    What's the difference between the Mia and the original Clarisonic? Why should people now buy this after the first model was hyped up so much? 
The main difference between the original Clarisonic and the new Mia is the size. The Mia is designed for people who want to take it on holiday, put in a gym bag etc. It doesn’t have the charging cradle, but has a compact magnetic charger which also saves on space. You can fully charge the Mia and it will give you two weeks of use.

2. Does the Mia come with different brushes/speeds?

The Mia can be used with all existing brush heads apart from the body brush. It has 1 button, 1 speed and lasts for 1 minute. 

3. Price, release date and stockists? 

Clarisonic Mia will be available from 15th April exclusive to Space NK and will retail for £120.

If your wallet won't stretch that far, try Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher £7.65, which cleans and buffs skin with it's nifty built-in bristle applicator. If you've tried this, how does it work for you?

If you currently own a Clarisonic? Does it live up to the hype for you? Are you now considering buying a MIA instead of the Classic? I'm keen to hear your thoughts.

ETA: It's now available instore and online from Space NK

7 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Tass said...

I am yet to use my clarisonic since it arrived a month ago. The whole 24hr charge for the 1st time is long! I charged it for 5hrs and then it stopped charging but just bleeps continuously so I gave up. The cradle is annoying too because it keeps falling down.

I think the Mia version would be much better in terms of size and the charger, even if it is only slightly cheaper.

ShimmerDreamz said...

I definitely going to go for the Mia. Actually thought it was coming out on the 11th March, so was rather bummed about the delay.

Since it's exclusive to Space NK, I'm rather tempted for wait for the 20% cardholders discount offer, but not sure when that's going to be. Any ideas? I signed up for the Ndulge card in March this year...

Cassie x

Becky said...

I am definitely getting one, can't wait to try it!

lunamac said...

I adore my Clarisonic.
It has made an amazing difference to my skin even from day one.
I am a bit sensitive and it gave me a breakout from using daily so now I use it every other day and all is well.
I remove makeup with an oil cleaner first and then use the Clarisonic with another cleanser as a treatment.
I would definitely say it is the best beauty treatment around.

Lovin' Makeup said...

I got my clairisonic mia just today from a space nk store...its already charging n I can't wait to try it!!! It is already available both at space nk stores n online

farah said...

hi vex! are u still using your clarisonc? Any improvment yet?

VexintheCity said...

@Tass - Stopped charging after 5 hrs? Doesn't sound right. Try again.

@ShimmerDreamz - No idea when the Space NK 20% discount will be.

@Becky - Hope it works for you

@lunamac - Glad you love yours :-)

@Lovin' Makeup - Enjoy and thanks - have updated the post.

@Farah - Yeah, I only use it about 4 times a week now. Skin has improved a bit since breakouts, but still far from how it WAS!


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